Primrose Dream

Enchanted by a Primrose dream in June…

A perfect dewy morn,

Sun adorns! I awake by Meadowlark tune!

No summer will I scorn!

Take my hand old man, still a honeymoon…

Our old love newly born,

In every passing season and many a moon!

Every wrinkle care-worn,

My dear old man hold me and let’s spoon!

Apart may we not be torn!

Together so long, souls and hearts attune,

Without you I die forlorn…

I will follow you! Even as far as Neptune!

Taken by one blackthorn!

Should our Primrose dream turn maroon…

Hold me! We’ll be reborn!

On an eternal dewy morning forever June!




21 thoughts on “Primrose Dream

    1. Do you have them there? They grow wild here but love to weave themselves into my flower garden. They’re so beautiful in June and a favorite of my husband and me. My garden looks so forlorn without me.:0( I wish it would warm up a little more and when it does, I hope I feel well enough to give it some love.


      1. We have the primrose at a price. I used to have a couple a hundred years ago. They were so nice in the spring. I have see them in nurseries and thought about buying one or two but walk away. Our gardens are starting to close down for winter now not so many booms about and the trees all are loosing leaves in the hills.

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      2. I’ve incorporated a lot of wild plants into my garden. A lot people here think of them as weeds. I never thought they’d be sold in nurseries. We have both white and yellow but the yellow is more unusual. In AZ there is a shrub that has the same blossoms. Some of them grow to be small trees and their leaves are similar to the primrose. The plants in AZ are so different though, it’s like another planet. very fascinating.


      3. When you get a chance do a google search for see if it comes up under that it is the most delicate plant to grow basically it only grows in the sands of outback S.A some have tried to grow it in Adelaide but it never works.

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      4. Ours does not have any thorns as such, what are arroyos? It grows in desert country. When someone grows it outside the desert it is classed as a prize

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      5. Loco weed doesn’t have thorns either and the leaves look just like the picture I saw but a different flower. Loco weed is beautiful but toxic to grazing animals. Arroyos are dry water ways and Loco Weed comes up in them after the Monsoon. I’m sure your beauty is classed as a prize. The flower is bright and unusual.


      6. I had no idea when you wrote about Arroyos. That’s me city girl. There is weeds here that do the same but not sure of the name. Looked it up for here it is called Swainsona that sends cattle crazy here. I knew there was one but not sure, I am amazed.

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