Survivor’s Prayer

If I am still alive when the bitter cloud passes, may I not I not be found stubbornly clinging to the storm because I’ve adapted myself to misery. Instead, may I celebrate in sunlight as I embrace the sparkling new day the sun reveals. Let me move forward to clean up the damage left by the storm and not be stuck hanging on for survival long after the storm has passed. A powerful storm forever transforms the landscape and the lives of those who survive but help me, Lord to accept and embrace the transformation. May the storm not live on in me in thoughts that exist in loops and refuse to move forward. Make me mindful of the present and keep me from reliving terrifying moments and even repeating them by my actions. I do not want to be a storm bearer, a manufacturer of the misery I survived. Instead, help me share the hope that enabled me to endure. May I be an image bearer of you, Jesus the one who made my survival possible. It is to you that I cling in the midst of every storm. I cling to you now, even though the sun is breaking through the clouds because I need you in good times as well as in bad. I remain tethered to face new storms that soon will appear on the horizon. Even if one of those storms should take my life, I know my soul is secure in you, Jesus. Though I die, I will live. I should never fear the storm but when I do, Jesus, you are always there to comfort and strengthen me. You are there to lead me forward when danger has passed. In you I have hope even, on those dark days when I can feel no hope, joy, or peace. Even when I let go of you, Jesus, I know you are holding on to me. Thank you, Jesus for this gift of faith by which I endure all things to also, overcome. Amen.

45 thoughts on “Survivor’s Prayer

      1. I just read your post about your mom and I too believe you’ll be together in Heaven and all the dysfunction forgotten. Of course, it makes me think of my family but I still don’t know what to do. I tried for five years to get them to hear me and fix it but they don’t want to. They want me to live a lie so they don’t have to reckon with the truth. I’m glad you were able to have some good time with your mom and also, help mend some relationships in your family. That’s a blessing, Wally. Still, I’m sad for your mother’s passing and you’re in my prayers.

        I have better days and not so good days. I’m scheduled to see a hematologist at Mayo on May 4th. A little more waiting but much better than waiting until October. I’m having a lot of problems with concentration that fluctuate. Those days are the worst because I can’t even write to distract myself. I’ve been listening to Christian radio a lot and maybe God wants me to listen.:0) I really like my new church and learned they have services outside in the summer so, if I still have cold sensitivity, I’ll be able to go and avoid a.c. God is good even when life stinks. God bless you, Wally.

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      2. Well can only fix what God wants fixed. He doesn’t want you to kill yourself trying most likely. I suppose you and He will have to work that out.

        The big thing I see in what you just said is the new church. That’s an
        answered prayer for me, as I pray always that every person can find a home to be with God’s people.

        Now, remind me again, where the Mayo clinic you are going to is?

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      3. It’s in Scottsdale, AZ. It’s about six hours from here. I was there once before and they do a good job. I’m still concerned about expense but my husband has convinced me that it’s better than wasting money here.
        I’m still praying and waiting on my family. I can’t force them to do what’s right. I have to let God deal with them. I too have faith that if it never gets settled here, it will be forgotten there. I go over it in my mind and try to find a way to be true to God and myself and mend things but it always comes back to the fact that relationships take two and it isn’t genuine if only one does their part..if I do their part too then I’m just in a relationship with myself. I’m patterning the way God relates to us and how our relationship with Him is reconciled.

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      4. In a relationship with yourself. That was a good word.

        I think your husband makes sense by the way, we can throw good money after bad until nothing is left. Looking for the bargain isn’t always the most efficient or cost effective way.

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  1. “thoughts that exist in loops and refuse to move forward” – what an apt description of the condition when one gets in the worry mode. Well written prayer. My thankfulness also to the Jesus you relate to. The One and Only.

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  2. Beautiful! I love your thoughts, I have coffee now 7.23a.m. here. Your writing is so perfect and Spirit filled. I have started going to Healing meetings, the Pastor is filled with the Holy Spirit, he comes up from Adelaide. His passion is Healing with God’s prayers. I have also started going to a Bible Study on “The Story” by Randy Frazzee, have you heard of him. The Bible study goes for 31 weeks giving an overview of the Bible I have to be careful I don’t over stretch myself. The photos of Angaston is in the area where I live.. Your prayer is so full of gratitude to the Lord, I pray there will be a solution

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    1. It’s good to hear that you are so busy. I long for that and hope to be more active in the future. I am able to go to church some now and am visiting a new church. It’s a small city though so, I see familiar faces. I’m doing my best to remain hopeful about my health. Hearing that you are doing so much better is encouraging.

      I haven’t heart of Randy Frazzee but I will google him. God bless and keep you.


      1. Max Lucado is also connected with the study. I am hopping the study will be deep. I feel as though God is with me encouraging me to keep going. I a crabing the deeper word of God.

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      2. I know the name of course but have never used any of his study guides. I usually use my Bible, a concordance, and a topical Bible and not many study guides. I hope you enjoy your study and learn many new things.

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      3. I am looking forward to learning more I have been reading the book of night since I got it. Learning the Bible late in life has been a rewarding challenge. I look stuff up and sometimes it goes straight out of my head, but I remember it later when I need it.

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  3. “…help me, Lord to accept and embrace the transformation.” Such a powerful line. Thanks for this post. Praying God’s peace will envelope you; may he strengthen you.


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