What if I have written it all away?

All those important things I had to say,

And my creative mind fades in aging?


Should this old woman sit silent?

Observing only, as life’s passions relent?

And ambitions fray beyond assuaging?


Is this the day I’ve become irrelevant?

A life of experience now, an impediment?

As youths fires of souls in mind raging!


Old marries alone; aging artist is eccentric.

Cutting edge technique, an olden-day trick!

Museum dust, archived tomes arranging.


Inside this graying head ideas still burn!

Refined, honed, tested, polished; Taciturn,

Waiting for perfect moment, right paging.


Old woman’s color fades into the background…

Expert hand trembles to write words profound.

Perfect gems require no salacious packaging.


Does age purify the art of the creative?

Or does it stagnate, cease; become vegetative?

Like me, is my art from life now, disengaging?










44 thoughts on “Irrelevant?

  1. This is a question I ask myself quite often. I think that God uses us the most when we grow older, because He’s given us a lifetime of experience to draw from. BTW, your writing is beautiful!

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      1. I know, right? I’m also undergoing some nerve issues with my right arm and hand. Maybe we should both keen to type with our toes.

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  2. Great questions. I have always admired those who can take a step, or three, back and look hard at themselves in evaluation. I think you and I are on the same page at the moment and I’m content to sit, watch, and listen.

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      1. You do good work. Sometimes, you make me blush…which is probably good for my heart…your craftsmanship is top notch. You don’t have to get obnoxious or anything but please, accept your work as you accept yourself. Tell that inner critic to lay off a bit and stick to matters of right and wrong. That is if that inner voice functions correctly in that realm. I fired my inner critic and hired a new one.;-}

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      2. I have always had a tough critic in my head. Probably goes back to my hard driving father. Thanks to my friends here in WordPress, this Chimp is learning to ignore him. Thank you for the supportive words.

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  3. Wow! that is how I felt trying to get on top of everything. Please pray for my dear friends here. We have been friends since school the 3 of us. My friend Nola came home from hospital last week, her husband Kieth had to send her back to hospital as she fell almost immediately. She has had 3 brain operations, diabetes, and scoliosis. They are a couple that deserve to have a retirement and probably never will, she is only 64. She does have depression, going through what she has gone through is it any wonder. Her husband is a gem he sits with her in hospital 8hrs a day then goes home and does the housework. I went into Adelaide last week to see them the first time for over 16 months as I could not drive, it took me 2 days to get over, I would love to find the energy to go help him as they helped me so much, sticking by me supporting me.

    The post is excellent, I truly wondered how the mind holds up when you are going through anything while I was sick.

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  4. I have always been wondering if you also create the artworks that you attach to your blog posts. If you do, just WOW… if you don’t, still wow, you have a refined taste in art.


    1. Hi Jacqueline:0) Yes, even if we end up bed ridden we can pray. At my age, I am beginning to feel distant from many things going on today in society and I sometimes wonder if what I say still has relevance. But who knows, maybe I’ll go to AZ, they’ll fix me, and I’ll come back to be the Grandma Moses of the literary world.:0)

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