The Meaning of Color

The weaving of chartreuse and lavender is a matter of opinion,

A controversy over the many shades of spring!

Summer moods are translated through subtle hues of vermillion,

Passion’s peak of heat that red-oranges bring!

Autumn sets color free speech in primary hues of truth dominion,

Enter souls by eye-gate beauty inspire to sing!

Color falls to grey as white blanket drapes over every color minion,

Winter wipes slate clean in an icy-dazzle-bling!


26 thoughts on “The Meaning of Color

      1. Thanks, Pam. I’m in WP jail. I can’t visit any sites and can’t get on my site. For some reason your site was an exception! Hopefully the WP Happiness Engineers will get it figured out. They’ve been working on it all day.

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      2. That’s frustrating stuff especially, if you are disciplined and have regularly scheduled posts. It can even cause problems for by-the-seat-of-my-pants posters like me. I had problems a couple of months ago and getting behind on the reading is the worst part…

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      1. It gets cold here too. This time of year we can have 30-40 degree drops in temp at night. We have bad dirt storms too. We had rain last week but the wind ripped the moisture right out of the ground and it was blowing dirt anyway. We’ve had worse dirt storms in recent years. Much like the ones I remember as a child when we had to stuff towels around doors and windows and stay indoors for what seemed like weeks. There is no breathing dirt…


  1. The colours of our hills are closing down now for winter. It doesn’t snow in South Aussie, not regularly we get a great deal of ice and frost. I love your thoughts, I would so love to see your country.

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    1. Hi bjs, sorry to be so slow to respond. I wish you could visit me too.:0) Things didn’t go so well at Mayo. I’m kind of down but I’ll give you details soon. I just haven’t been online.


  2. I been praying hard lately as well, my COPD came back with a vengeance wearing me out. I had been hoping it would go away. No luck I did a test yesterday, did not pass. My Doctor wants me to have a CT scan so I am booked in for next Tuesday. I am so sorry about the Mayo Clinic. God must have his plans for us both.

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    1. It’s Friday here so, I’m hoping the CT went well. I know you probably are still waiting for results. I was very disappointed in Mayo but God has a reason for closing doors. I have to be patient. We have to be patient but I know that must be hard when you can’t breath. I can’t get my breath when I have to breath air that is too cold but getting warm makes it better. I know that’s only a taste of what COPD is like. Get better.


      1. Just doing a poems of my thoughts on God and how he has been good to me. Reminding myself to stay in God’s word and not let Satan get hold. I am keeping on praying for us both, prayer is so important for our lives.

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