Welcome to the menagerie of my mind!

Collection I have traversed time to find!

Untamed creatures a one of every kind!

Circus of dreams ideas in passion I bind!

My wild imagination I sent to be refined;

High Def exaggeration in story entwined;

Dash o’ rose hint o’ lime polished shined!

This, my life’s work which daily I do grind.

Compulsion obsession madness confined?

From my depth of soul divinity I’ve mined!

My search for guidance only faith defined;

A purpose to purify menagerie of my mind.

23 thoughts on “Menagerie

      1. I’m sorry….I wish we were closer and could help one another. I know you have a lot on your plate. The damage caused by medicine is every bit as bad a disease. A rock and a hard place….


      2. That situation is so disheartening. Side effects are as bad as the disease and being left on hold the way you were it all seems so unnecessary. I’m on hold too….but I’m going to make the best of it and work on getting my strength back and try to heal some of my neuropathy while the weather is warm.


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