Life Sustaining Joy in a World of Thorns


Every plant that grows and survives in the harsh environment of the desert produces thorns. The cactus is the fittest of those survivors and by brilliant adaptation to the conditions of the desert climate, the cactus clothe themselves in self-protective quills. Attiring themselves in sharp spines prevents them from being trampled and guards against animals stealing their water and eating them as food. Other plants produce stickers that ensure survival of their seed and a new generation of plants. Stickers enable the plants to spread their seed by sticking themselves on the feet and legs of other animals that tread over them. Their ability to stick also enables them to lodge in hard, dry ground and wait for the rainy season. Sometimes, that season doesn’t come for years at a time but the unpleasant nature of a sticker protects it from being eaten by even drought-starved animals and it patiently…

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10 thoughts on “Life Sustaining Joy in a World of Thorns

      1. Pam. you are welcome. It is unusual for me to find a bond with someone I have not met face to face. Yet through your writings and your comments I believe we have connected on a spiritual level. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I have missed your presence here. I will continue to pray for you. God bless.

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    1. Hi Jim thanks for asking. The weather is the perfect temp right now so, I have less pain. I’m having testing done on my nerves tomorrow and Thursday then a CAT scan and xray of my chest on Friday. I have to wean off the Prednisone, allow myself to flare, and then have blood drawn in a month. If I get an accurate blood test for cryo I can apply for a grant from the company that makes the medication I need. My insurance doesn’t approve it even though it is the mainstay treatment. The hematologist I saw last week wants to make sure we aren’t so focused on cryo that we miss something else. He doesn’t know much about cryo but he’s a good doctor and is trying to help me work around the messed up system and get some help. It has all kind of zapped my creativity… my hand seems to be improving a little. I’m trying to learn how to hunt and peck but it helps to not talk so much with my finger. I miss everyone though and I’m praying for you. I hope to be around more soon. God bless and keep you and enjoy your summer.:0)

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  1. Thanks Jim. No one understands it very well and that’s the main problem. There are 13 doctors in the U.S. considered ‘experts’ and even they would say that it’s poorly understood. Prayer and God’s intervention is what I need most.

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