Simple Songs of Truth

The Foundation
The Foundation

Play for me! Strum on silvery strings!

Old golden hymns of ancient Truth…

Soul calming song, fly on Dove wings!

Remind me of all eternity’s worth!

Tell me of the miracle only Love brings!


Spirit’s joy, lifted by Heaven’s mirth!

Saintly song across the ages still rings…

Encircling all of history’s wide girth!

Jesus the Name a saint eternally sings…

Calling the lost home to a new birth!


Soft and low Jesus is calling; faith swings,

Life Door opens! Church of one Faith…

Ancient cloud of witness with us sings!

Healing words approving His Truth;

Faith transcends, Jesus in all age’s rings!


So strum and sing of Messiah’s birth!

Rock of Ages to you believer still clings…

Glory come down! A Pearl of worth!

Revive us again! Hope in praise springs!

Light the dark! Simple songs of Truth!



29 thoughts on “Simple Songs of Truth

    1. Thank you, sweetie. Kind of in fits and spurts. I still have too much going on for a lady my age. I always think I have no energy and then I’m stunned when people ask, “Where do you get all of your energy?” I guess I don’t have as much as I want rather than not having enough? lol! God bless.


  1. Wonderful gentle. Sorry have not been around having to take time out a bit. I have been struggling with my breathing with asthma. Hoping to pick up more over the next couple of days.

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    1. Hi Jim, I hope you also, are well. Sorry I haven’t been around. Pain medication makes life more bearable but it takes away my creativity and I sleep a lot :0( but I’m seeing another specialist Thursday and maybe I will finally get the right answers. I’m happy though. I’ve much to be thankful for. God bless you and the work God has given you.

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  2. Pam! I am delighted to have come here after a long time. It feels ages…
    So you had left writing and had left visiting blogs. I always kept waiting for you to come whenever I posted.
    Even I was engrossed so much that I was unable to visit you.
    How are things with you now. The Age factor is there always, so you need not think much on that.
    Your words are an inspiration to so many of us. I remember the discussion we have had always on our posts.
    Please do visit mine, so much has gone into it.
    I shall go through your other posts in the days to come.😃

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    1. I’ve been working through medical tests etc. I still am but now they are thinking I’m having hemiplegic or brainstem migraines. Computer screens and migraines don’t mix. In fact, the kind I have don’t mix with much of anything but I think I may be close to climbing out of this hole I fell into about 2 1/2 years ago. You’re right, getting old is hard, time consuming work but I hope to return your visit soon. God bless.

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      1. Oh Pam! Once you are in the doctor’s fold they are bound to tell you….
        These days it is the computer and other gadgets that perform on our body… and it is bound to show something…
        These are just degenerative factors and again they are bound to be there…
        All these mixed together make a hell of our being…
        I have also had all this in the past three years or so but of a different kind…
        More so and importantly it is we who are to take it in the right perspective or have to react or keep our equilibrium.
        Instead keep the mind engaged to more of prayers, meditation, pranayama, stroll in the evenings and the sorts…. that shall do some balancing of the mind and body…
        The trillions of cells in the body obey the mind. It is for us to make the mind obey us. There lies the trick…
        Take as much Air into YOU and say as in prayer this breath is going to heal me and make me healthy. While exhaling send out all impurities and unhealthy cells out as if to order.
        Finally tell Yourself I I I am healthy, repeat as many times…
        I sure it shall help YOU. See the results in a week…
        You may inform me..
        You do not bother about the return of my visit… You can do it anytime when you feel good…
        But there are some latest posts on my blog which may contribute to your good health… as you will be engaged in diverting your mind, which is much needed…
        Sending towards You Pam all the healing vibrations and prayers for your Good Health.😃🎶💞

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      2. Thanks Shiva, yoga breathing is good for migraine, it calms hyper sensitive nerves…I do know I need to get myself back into a better balance and I’m working on it. I’m having migraines the imitate strokes, cause severe vertigo, and terrible pain deep in my ear and face. I’ve had migraine off and on since my second pregnancy (a long time ago) but I had no idea that they could do these kinds of things to me. And you’re right it is part of getting older, the pattern of my migraines have changed. I’ve been stuck in an incredibly stressful situation for a long time and in a sense, I broke but I’m getting close to the top of the hole I fell into, I think.:0) I’m a very sensitive person. I just didn’t realize quite how sensitive. God bless you Shiva and thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

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      3. Pam! They have found a name for every thing. It is true that something is there and they have named it. Mind is the closest to the body, maybe million times closer than anything, so what the mind thinks or happens to it, the next prey is the body. It starts acting on it rather it manifests through the body… Every single millionth thought…
        So, all your past clustered, comes like a storm in the present and you being sensitive adds multiple folds.
        Meditate on the ‘No Mind Technique’ , killing all thoughts slowly and bringing in nothing… then shall remain only the ‘Bliss’.
        Hope I am not interrupting more into your personal….
        I only feel that will be the reward to your years of prayerful days…
        Reduce medication as much as possible.. leave the rest to Jesus!
        All the very best of Health to YOU.

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      4. Yes, it’s true that what we focus on affects our health and when my eyes are set on Jesus I do better all the way around. Someday I will be like Him but I can’t walk on water yet! lol! My husband calls what you just described as “Mind over matter. I don’t mind and you don’t matter.” He’s a jokester. :0/ In a way he’s though, he’s correct in assessing my problem of ‘caring’ that I have a very hard time turning off. If it’s just me and Jesus, I’m fine. It’s all the stuff that people I love get into that pushes me over the edge and drives me to take on more than my mind or body can carry. As far as medication goes, I’m definitely a minimalist.;0)


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