The Artist

I haven’t been writing for awhile and I’m republishing this as a way to remind myself of what I am and what God has created me to do. I hope it resonates with my fellow creatives.


On a sunny day my thoughts are lifted high

Stretched relaxed peacefully adrift in an azure sky

High pressure is my delight!

On a cloudy day my thoughts plummet to the earth

Heavy leaden weights of dusty sorrow bereft of mirth

Low pressure is my fright.

On a warm summer day my pain melts I feel strong

I love to play to work to laugh and sing many a happy song

In summer my world is right!

On a winter day I ache and I suffer from cabin fever

I read I write I contemplate and wait for warmer weather

Winter is my personal plight.

On a quiet day when the wind is still my soul and spirit rest

I gather strength from the atmosphere I am safe in Spirit’s nest

Still days are my source of Might.

On a blustery day when the wind howls sweeping the earth


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16 thoughts on “The Artist

      1. I think I was promoted since we last talked much, so work is pretty consuming, and blogging, and teaching on Sundays sometimes twice. I also like to get out and about and see real people one evening a week. How are you feeling overall these days? Besides getting older lol.

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      2. I feel much better than I did. It ends up that most of my problems are migraine. I had no idea migraine could be so much more than a headache even though, I’ve had headaches for a long time. The pattern has changed as I’ve gotten older and I was having brain stem and hemiplegic (brain)migraines that were causing me to have stroke-like symptoms. My extreme sensitivity to cold is called allodynia. It hurts but now I know my blood isn’t turning to jello. I’m taking a med that helps prevent migraine and I’m doing much better. I’m glad you got a promotion. Is the economy improving where you are? We’re still waiting…

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      3. I did not know that about migraines either! I’m glad you sort of have a handle on it all, as I know it was really rough. Promotion is good and bad. I enjoy the challenges, but don’t like the additional impact on my life as much LOL. Our economy? It’s been bad for years, so nothing has really changed. Southeast Arkansas is a generally depressed area. Good, decent paying jobs can be hard to find. I am blessed to have one of those, though. The only real saving thing for us is that there’s really no big industry to crash that would just wipe us out. Farming has it’s ups and downs, of course, but even that is restricted to only those who farm. The Prison around here is a big employer, and they probably aren’t going anywhere.

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  1. Welcome back, Pam! Hey, you got us to use a dictionary! an-e-mom-e-ter.

    Lord bless you! So glad your health is more stable and you have a way to deal with the migraines. Enjoy the wonderful warmth! :0)

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    1. Awww, thank you. I’m hoping for once a week right now. My life is too big for me. I’m hoping to get it shrunk down to the right size that leaves me more creative time. At least my health is better so, that’s one down. The rest will fall into place.:0)

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