Deception: Mary Mageleen in the Cave

Long and heavy-hot, July-Doldrum-Days;

Shag hazy thought as staggering, drunk strays;

Desperation fraught in scorching-hot-rays!

Instinct (not wisdom taught) seeks cool caves.

Safe, in a hidden spot! As my long-lost slaves…

I reclaim my thought, my icy-blue-memory saves,

My present re-caught in isolation my soul craves.

Rid of the fiery onslaught! By cool, blue waves…

Comfort the distraught,Oh Shadow of the Graves!

Deceiving the overwrought on blazing-hot-days.


10 thoughts on “Deception

    1. I turn on the a.c. when it gets too hot, then turn it off when it starts to hurt. I am a living thermostat. lol It’s cloudy this evening and I can smell that it has been raining somewhere maybe, we’re next! The monsoon will change everything. How’s your summer going?

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      1. I hope your body can get some rest and comfort from the extreme weather and its impact upon your health. My summer is going well, I’ve been unusually tired as I’m trying to prepare for two courses for pastors overseas that I’m teaching in August for short-term missions. If you can pray for that that would be a big blessing.

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