November Blue

November Blue

On this sacred, blue November day

Somber, thin, high-clouds do lay

Heavy; on trees naked and gray.

Spirit? Bend me and I will pray:

Please God! Deliverance today!

For all who remain death’s prey,

The weak the wicked who will pay.

Sin’s permanent ink-stains stay,

Hard hearts can’t soften to obey,

Leading all who are lost astray,

Blind, deaf, soul’s night in the day…

There’s something sinister at play!

As those dying and lost only say,

To Jesus, to life a proud, Nay!

Sad, they the full cost must pay!

Lost. Infinite blue November day…

Father! It is for mercy that I pray

Melt all prideful blindness away!

As for me, also possible for they,

By Spirit’s grace be led to obey!

Hopeful truth, on blue November day

10 thoughts on “November Blue

    1. Thank you. I am well in this moment. My doc seems to have figured some things out so maybe, I’ll be even better! I read about plague in Africa and hope it is far from you. We always have a few cases in NM every year too but somehow, what’s happening in Africa sounds different.

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      1. Very far from me sweets. Actually, Ghana is a very safe place with intelligent people. Even when there is an outbreak, they work so fast on it, it hardly causes much harm. Thanks for asking.

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      2. My geography isn’t so great. Is it really just a problem of having the right medicine? I had the impression there was something different about the strain. Still I’m glad you are safe.


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