By His Right Arm


I Am standing, suffering self-contained.

Perpendicular to mankind’s reason;

Gazing over the vast expanse of time;

My vengeance is self- constrained!

Directing each and every season;

Toward the right conclusion of time;

In spite of the evil I left unrestrained!

Reclaiming all that I lost to treason;

Limit it to time, time, and half a time!

I leave My holy righteousness ingrained,

In children’s hearts, Spirit infusion!

Freeing them all from the prison of time;

Until Death’s sting I have fully contained;

Ending forever the universal confusion,

When by man Death began marking time;

Dispelling every deadly, strong delusion!

Of mortal human gods unrestrained;

Honor the One standing outside of time!

Omnipotent, perpendicular to our reason,

Jesus’ shed blood cleansing all sin stained!

God’s benevolent grace, saving age in time;

By My right arm! Defy age of human reason!

I Am standing, suffering self-contained.

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15 thoughts on “By His Right Arm

      1. It’s been weird here too. So dry that the cactus wilted and the cedar bushed and sage brush died. The river is almost dry too. We finally got some rain this week as remnants of Rosa. We surely appreciate that rain! We’re going to turn cold next week.

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    1. Hi Jim, I’m sorry it took me so long to see this. I’m doing pretty well for an old lady. I think we are near-to-finish on remodeling our condo. Then the real work of getting rid of things and getting our home ready for the market will begin. Down-sizing isn’t easy but I’m looking forward to small bills and small chores. My health is better than it was. How are you?

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      1. Thanks for the update and comment, appreciate it always when we hear from you Pam! Downsizing doesn’t sound easy at all, not to me at least. I’m glad to hear the Lord sustaining your health. I am doing well, been busy as I”m preparing for overseas to teach theology again this fall in a country requiring creative access and also I have been asked to do my first funeral which was of an older woman who use to read my blog back when there was a Xanga website and she’s prayed for me in the Marines, college, relationship, marriage and ministry. I’m trying to read on funerals and do everything with routine ministry but GOD has been sustaining me

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