Paper Tatters Flying in the Wind


Write the number of my days on fine rice paper.

Tally them, and tear…

Delicate hand molded sheet into bits and caste it in the wind!

I can no longer understand the sum of those days nor transcend,

The heartbreak of futility or tragedy’s rude temper!

This calamity I fear…

Shattered my existence by the hand of happenstance I can’t bend,

Into a shape I can’t cope with, I can’t make my scattered mind comprehend,

How or why God allows evil’s continued mad caper!

In emptiness so clear…

I tremble in askance in the presence of my horror from which I can’t fend!

I’ve lost all surety of knowledge of just who I am in this ominous moment self-end!

Blanketed by sorrows I feel my faith’s diminishing taper.

Father rescue me here!

Without You, I am only tattered delicate rice paper flying in the wind!

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8 thoughts on “Paper Tatters Flying in the Wind

    1. Weak and feeble lol mostly, sad. We are in a very strange time. And yes, I need Jesus because I’m not Jesus. I know God’s plan is playing out and everything humans have built to replace God has to fall before Christ’s Kingdom becomes sight. That is a wonderful truth but living out the part that gets us there is very painful and I’m affected by it. My son was doing citizen journalism during the riots and the protests after the election. He was streaming and trying his best to give people an objective look at those events. That means he wasn’t protesting but he did get caught in it in Jan. and that has exposed a terrible underbelly of the government to us. Please pray for him and his boys. This whole thing has hit my family hard. How about you, Jim?

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      1. Wow praying for your son; last summer was crazy, the second night of rioting which the county declare a riot curfew we had trouble makers come to our house since we live two blocks away from a police shooting that happened a few days before George Flyod; had to pull out my firearm and guys fled. We live in such evil times..praying for your son

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      2. Thank you, Jim. The good part is that he let God back into his life. I have to remind myself of the good because the evil can be overwhelming right now. So much deception, corruption, and death. I’m not sure that there’s anyone left who isn’t traumatized by the madness.

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