Love Divine

If the world chose to heed its old women, And consider this love-poem I’ve penned… Reveal that romance is hormonal crimson, Nothing more than transient biology bend, Desire to procreate defies logic and reason.   This is the true love-message I wish to send… Possible love divine exists; Please, do listen! Govern desire; to prevent … More Love Divine

Undistorted Joy

Words that pour from a fractured, patched together heart, Sometimes, fly in a hailing storm of bullets! Fired randomly in fear! When a threat today echoes in the echoes of the traumas of the past; Triggering an emotional storm; driving the broken one to posture in self-defense; Paranoid and in confusion, vainly trying to prevent yesterday’s … More Undistorted Joy

Joy for the Broken!

Sharpened shards of shattered thought do haunt; Twisting perception, by imagination into madness; Deflecting sanity and chanting the same old taunt; Removing all superfluous hope and joy in gladness! Don’t peer long into the darkness; evil’s eyes gaunt! Disease does spread! Infecting hearts with sadness; Manufactured misery; malignancy; it produces want; Woe to the child … More Joy for the Broken!

Joyous Rest

Empowerment entwined in purple stems of lavender, growing on the east side of the old, grey wash house. Expertly cut and crushed to fill heart-shaped sachets’, then tucked beneath my pillow to assure restful dreams between lightly starched sheets sprinkled with rain-water. Moon beams filtered through sheer white Pricilla curtains, to guide my thoughts toward … More Joyous Rest

Dusty Joy

Every day believers are exposed to a plethora of information, an overwhelming amount of data to process. It is becoming harder to decipher truth from fiction and genuine faith from deception. Christianity is rapidly changing due to the internet and many who name Jesus aren’t known by Him. His name is used to disguise ideas … More Dusty Joy