Turn Back

I am an old fashioned girl, I guess. Still a bit new to being an old lady; I’ve lived long enough to see a few things. I’ve learned a lot and I know what works, And what doesn’t.   I remember many things that are now, forgotten.   I’m still quite taken with chivalry. A … More Turn Back

Sustaining Joy

Every day new worlds rise! And old worlds fall apart. I am told this is only, a matter of perception. What do you do when your world is taken all apart? Is good attitude, a positive thought of deflection, Able to override calamity? Or mend a tattered heart? Is faith only energy? Form of magic … More Sustaining Joy

Heart of Blue

I cut this heart of blue, From special paper I saved for you, In love’s cooler hue; Trim in fine lace, used time as my glue; Binding of hearts true; Ribbons weave through and through, Defining edges anew; Now, tiny hearts of pink and baby-blue! My how our years flew! Happy Heart Day! True love share … More Heart of Blue

La Vieja and The Magpie

Way down in old Nuevo Mexico, as the Crow flies, towards the river, La vieja sits under her Cottonwoods, never-to-mind bickering Magpie! Contentedly painting images of crows in colorful high-top sneakers; In defiance! Of Death, Crow is said to bring on a black-winged-quiver! Small-round-old woman, tough-as-nails, true-blue as enchanted sky; Worn by west-blowing wind she … More La Vieja and The Magpie

The Breach

An old woman sits on a bench, placed against a south facing wall, enjoying the sun as it melts aches and pains away. Lost in the bright warmth on her face, she begins to dream in reverse. Riding the rays of the sun, she finds herself transported to that special place, sitting on flag-stone, beneath … More The Breach

Hope Eternal

In the blush of a young child’s cheek, And in the wrinkled smiling face Of a kind old woman, Hope is seen with no need to speak; Good banishes evil, leaves no trace, A journey to transcend; Aged kind face, youth’s blushing cheek, The Alpha and the Omega lace, And form the eternal; When child … More Hope Eternal

Sonoran Whisper

Delight in the whisper of a warm Sonoran breeze! Conveying its secret of an early spring; Conical hills don green velvet despite lacking trees; Song the bright Red Cardinal does sing, Rejoicing in Saguaro’s flowered crown prophecies! Barren land to bloom, colors amazing! Yellows and reds and purples; every hue to please The Snow Bird’s … More Sonoran Whisper

Joyfully, I Fly Away!

Brrrr! Baby it is cold outside! The beauty of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains has a down side. How blessed this old bird is to fly south! I am trading these ice-bound mountains and bare grey branches in for the rainbow landscape with low mountains covered in green velvet found only in Arizona. I’m leaving snow … More Joyfully, I Fly Away!