A Time to Cry

Tears, bursting in a gush of misery! Streams over stinging red cheeks… Tamp grief down? Later pay usury! I ignored the sounds heart speaks!   Finality has come! So long waiting! I didn’t cry! Tried contemplating, Cover agony, by denial shimmery; Play pretend; Ignoring truth leaks! Endurance breaks? Forget chivalry! Love is rearranged in time … More A Time to Cry

My Response to Terror and Persecution is Jesus

Invisible cords of deception are rising from the bottomless pit. Un-noticed ropes of deluded thought are winding, weaving, circling to bind opposing ideologies by an unholy knot of unity. Those who are down-trodden, oppressed, and tired of waiting for relief seek alignment with those who share their common enemies and for the sake of common … More My Response to Terror and Persecution is Jesus

Joy Waits on God

I am war-weary, in need of a furlough, and awaiting an honorable discharge. I am battle-hardened but this war is long; it has been raging for centuries, filling the earth with blood. My enemy is a deceptive predator who sometimes, weakens me by sneaking into my thoughts. You see, I once fought on his side, … More Joy Waits on God

Ode to Roseburg

  Something happened on the other day! Something so difficult for me to relate. Something that I recognize as tragedy. Nothing can be changed or time repay; Nothing now can be done to alleviate; Nothing humanly transforms tragedy. Anything I hope or I can possibly say, Anything directed at redirecting fate, Anything given can’t reverse … More Ode to Roseburg

Joy Endures and by Hope, Overcomes Calamity

Calamity is feared, hated, played into, played down, and ignored; but no matter how we feel about calamity or respond to the possibility of it, calamity is outside human control. Neither science nor philosophy can deter the crushing, life-changing effect of calamity when it decides to strike. Even the righteous are subject to calamity and … More Joy Endures and by Hope, Overcomes Calamity