The Recluse

From the outside looking in, it is very difficult to understand why this woman who appears to be healthy and normal would choose to live in isolation. It doesn’t however, keep people in the neighborhood from trying to peek and ascertain why their neighbor is so strange. In fact she is the subject of not … More The Recluse

The Breach

An old woman sits on a bench, placed against a south facing wall, enjoying the sun as it melts aches and pains away. Lost in the bright warmth on her face, she begins to dream in reverse. Riding the rays of the sun, she finds herself transported to that special place, sitting on flag-stone, beneath … More The Breach

The Colors of Joy

Adeline, a little girl raised in a world of dingy grey somehow, learned to dream in color. She was a talented child of limited privilege but gifted with creativity. Her talent to dream beyond her environment was her ticket to survival. Trapped in a home characterized by spiritual, intellectual, and economic poverty, Adeline escaped into … More The Colors of Joy

Crushed Joy

Pretty little girl, dressed up like a doll, beautiful living toy! An accessory for her mother! A show-piece for her father! Sent to her room when her childish wants began to annoy, Sedated with alcohol, when her emotional needs bother; This is the beginning of girl’s ending: The Crushing of Joy!   No longer useful … More Crushed Joy


Stormy mood clouds roll in and darken his demeanor, Like rolling thunder he begins to mumble dire warnings, Lightening-like words strike randomly, zapping everyone Who dares to come too near or carelessly, crosses his path; Then the storm intensifies and builds into all consuming rage; He becomes a maniacal mad-man, a wrathful anger machine, Hurting, … More Raging-Joy-Crusher