Joy’s Shadow Malice

Joy is a woman who lives up to her name. Her character is marked by graceful actions proceeding from an attitude of joyful faith. She is kind, giving, loving, and merciful. She is human, not perfect, but she lives in dedication to Jesus. Though some might deride her because of her faith, no one questions … More Joy’s Shadow Malice

The Joy-Killer

Sad-bad-times regurgitated; then swallowed back down Jagged edged accusations; adeptly stabbed in the heart! Memories twisted by denial into shame’s thorny crown Piercing in martyred skin; shame pressing pointed dart! Loved boy-child now, angry young man of raging renown Bringing father shame; breaking ever-loving mother’s heart! Insane drug-driven mad-man; lost and alone in the dark … More The Joy-Killer