Barren Cold Reckoning

I stand in the middle of a cold barren high desert. Winds of winter howling… Alone it seems, as I straining hear the silence exert, Power Divine! I’m cowling… In the Presence of this Holy sound my ideas dessert! All dreams flee with yowling! Whimper, return to netherworld; must die or convert! Ultimate Truth is … More Barren Cold Reckoning

Joyfully, I Fly Away!

Brrrr! Baby it is cold outside! The beauty of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains has a down side. How blessed this old bird is to fly south! I am trading these ice-bound mountains and bare grey branches in for the rainbow landscape with low mountains covered in green velvet found only in Arizona. I’m leaving snow … More Joyfully, I Fly Away!

Warming Joy on a Cold December Day

Ice-laden wind howls on this colorless December day; Thickening clouds, chasing warmth and light far away; Clouds weighted with dread; dense, dark, lifeless gray; This old woman’s dreams drift backward to yesterday, When winter didn’t make her old bones ache ‘till May; Snow-storms once a welcomed challenge, time to play! In sparkling drifts; all bare … More Warming Joy on a Cold December Day

Joy in a Melancholy Shroud

Inflated thoughts and lost dreams; absorbed in the vacuum; In the midnight of isolation, sanity dangles by a silken thread; Am I upside down, or right-side up, or maybe laying side-ways? No one cares about those dying, those living on borrowed bread; Boxed in neglect; Dying slow, in the little bits of day’s-fading-days.   Melancholy tarnishes the gold; not discussed … More Joy in a Melancholy Shroud