Pure Religion Promotes Life, Love, Joy, and Peace

There’s a sad, shivery rain beating against my window, blurring my view of the world outside. I draw close to peer more intently, in order to estimate the severity and duration of the storm. My cheek brushes the glass and I recoil in shock when I receive a cold, Judas kiss of winter. I feel a dull ache enter my muscles, joints, and bones. It is the ache of life under the rule of death that leaves every older person wondering if this will be another winter added to the list of winters weathered and survived or the last one. I’m not afraid to let this old body go; I know there is a better one waiting for me, because God’s Word says it is so. In the nearly, forty years I’ve known Jesus and been known by Him, my Heavenly Father has never broken His promise. However, there are those who love me and depend on me so, I pray that my Father will give me the strength to remain and I leave no widow or orphans in this dying world to suffer until, they are strong enough to survive and thrive here without me.

My thoughts turn to the violent acts in Paris that left so many widows and orphans. The rain intensifies as Heaven weeps over the insanity of murder in God’s Name. It seems there are so many people now, dividing into groups, and preparing for war. Fear is everywhere and the powerless, crushed beneath the boot of earthly power have had enough and want vengeance! One man’s fight for freedom is another man’s terror and all are fighting the same enemy that they see in one another. If it continues, everyone that manages to survive will be a widow, an orphan, and most, likely both. War, no matter what banner it is fought under isn’t holy; it is man putting himself in the seat of God in practicing vengeance that belongs to God and not to man. Terrorism won’t bring freedom but only, God-less anarchy and the prison of living in constant fear of others. The only righteous One, who frees the oppressed and those who seek freedom by becoming like the oppressor, is Jesus. The only war guaranteed to end all wars, is the war against sin within that can only be fought with success in hearts where Jesus lives by faith. The only pure religion is the religion that promotes Love, Life, Joy, and Peace through the practice of visiting widows and orphans in their affliction and living a moral life as defined by God. Jesus is the only sane answer in a world made insane by the fear and pride of mankind. Jesus is the only One able to quell our fear of the rising evil without and have victory over the evil within.

The rain is freezing now, turning to cold ice, and Winter is busy blanketing the world with snow. The specter of uncertainty and fear vaunts itself with threats of leaving all who won’t bow to it, with the loss of loved ones and personal destruction. The enemy knows its season is short and is wasting no time in establishing its ownership of this Season of Death. The natural response is fear but the right response is trust in God, the One who limits the power of death. No matter how thick the blanket of snow, or how deadly cold the winter becomes, the seed of life waits safely, beneath the ground; awaiting its new day with the hope that this will be the final season appointed to death. The sure hope promised by God that comes by His intervention, when Death will meet his own end and Die.

The snow is sticking now, beginning to pile up, and my window is so fogged and iced that I can see nothing with any certainty. I have no idea how long this storm will last or how devastating this winter will be. I am only a woman who can’t predict the future, or use the signs of the times to predict my destiny. I belong to Jesus and I must walk by faith and not by sight. I fight fear by putting my trust in God and continuing to fight the battle He assigned me to; the battle against my sin. This I do in preparation to practice the Biblically pure religion of visiting the great number of widows and orphans that this season’s devotees promise to create. I am humbled to know that if it weren’t for the grace of God, I would be a terrorist too because the enemy they wish to destroy does live in me; as it also, lives in them. Sin is the enemy that threatens all of us and is insidious in its ability to create unawareness of its presence in its hosts but to be readily seen, feared, and hated in others. Sin is a deadly disease, seeking the annihilation of the human race. There is one antidote, Jesus Christ. Those who have received Him by faith and make Him the ruler of their life are given powerful antibodies that ensure ultimate survival while fighting continuing infection. In Jesus, we have what we need to endure and save others from Death. The threat appears fierce but when we employ the powerful weapons of repentance, obedience, and prayer, we are promised certain victory.

Prepare for Death’s season and its uncertainty by drawing close to God; trust in His promises and providence. In such evil days, He is the only One in whom we can safely, put our trust. In the face of Death, we must reach for Life, by reaching for Jesus. “Greater is He who is living in us, than he who is living in the world.”

James 1:27, John 16:33, 1 John 4:4, 1 John 5:4, 1 John 5:5





Dusty Joy

Every day believers are exposed to a plethora of information, an overwhelming amount of data to process. It is becoming harder to decipher truth from fiction and genuine faith from deception. Christianity is rapidly changing due to the internet and many who name Jesus aren’t known by Him. His name is used to disguise ideas opposed to Biblical teaching and unbiblical agendas. The digital age makes it easy to package any counterfeit in an eye-pleasing manner to lure in unwary consumers. Beautiful memes containing a veneer of truth conceal subtle lies that subliminally entice believers’ away from the narrow path and rob non-believers of true saving faith in Jesus Christ. Bible verses pulled out of context and used as toothpicks to support man-made theologies is an old trick of deception that is highly effective in this era of too much information and too little wisdom. Even born-again believers, considered to be spiritually mature can be temporarily deceived when they neglect daily washing in the Word and spiritually collect the dust of human words and wisdom. The joy of Jesus is diminished when not properly nourished and no other diet suffices for spiritual health and a right spiritual attitude of joy than daily feeding on God’s Word. Even digital Bibles get dusty when set aside and ignored and no matter the advances of technology, the true source of wisdom hasn’t changed. Don’t settle for substandard spiritual truth; test the spirits by comparing every word written about Jesus (including mine) to the divine truth of the Bible.

Dear believer, if your joy seems distant and you are discouraged, confused; click the link that takes you to divine truth and away from the digital dust-storm of deception. Align your heart, mind, and actions with the Words of the Bible, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and bathe in the pure light of Jesus. Rejoice as the dust and dirt of human wisdom is filtered away; and find strength to endure this deceptive, abusive age, in the sure, future promises of God. Give your joy a daily dusting. Cling to Jesus! Hold on! He is returning soon!

No Joy Found in “The Valley of Decision”

Ice-cold rain drops; pounding measure;

Pelt leaves of gold; bring them down!

Swirling streams of tattered treasure;

Emeralds in gold, muddied and brown;

Dark season’s beginning now is sure!

Men of violent force seeking renown;

Dedicated to death; a religion impure;

Persecution pound! Bring world down!

Cord-drawn destruction; finality sure;

Truth in Love muddied and brown;

Hate and Lies flaming evil treasure!

War begets war begets war… crown

Death as King; all to die by measure!

Woe to those who bring it all down!

Never to win the earth they treasure!

Ownership denied to men of renown;

The meek inherit the earth’s measure!

“let God be true and every man a liar”

“In the mouth it tastes sweet as honey

But it makes the stomach bitter” FIRE!

Prepared for all obstinate and phony;

On the Day that answers are required!

No avoiding, “The Valley of Decision!”

Judgment Day for all is surely, coming.


Joel 3: 14-16 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the Day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision. The Sun and moon will be darkened, and the stars no longer shine. The LORD will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem; the earth and the heavens will tremble. But the LORD will be a refuge for His people, a stronghold for the people of Israel.


Righteous Joy is Courage to Overcome Evil

Every person is a mixture of good and evil. Inside each of us dwells both prey and predator. All people reach an age of mature reasoning when they choose which side of their nature to rely upon. The choice made to seek a life of goodness, or to seek personal gain by the power of evil, depends upon inborn nature, environment, and personal desire. People who seek to live a good life by their own effort will never be able to completely, overcome the dark side of their nature and those who give themselves to evil will retain some remnant of goodness. However, evil is the power of death and in a world ruled by death the predator finds favor with the Prince of this world. The prey is regarded as nothing more than a weak victim, to be devoured and those who eat them have no regard for those who sustain them. This is a predator’s weakness: though they think themselves mighty by the power of death, they can’t live without the body and the blood of the innocent prey they consume. Those who give themselves to evil, seeking power and life through death, they will end powerless, in death. At the end of time, Death will consume itself and evil will vanish. On that day, all who have suffered as prey will rejoice and sing joyful praises for they will not be hunted and devoured anymore.

Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of God came to earth as a sacrificial lamb. Jesus offered Himself as prey and spiritual sustenance to those called as His own; to the One who now sits on God’s right hand to perform God’s good works, designed to free the world from the Prince of evil and Death. Those who recognize the predator living within and the fallacy of seeking life through the power of death and honor the One who offers Himself as the only food that gives eternal life, gratefully and spiritually feed on the body and blood of Jesus; and thereby, are empowered to complete the good works assigned to them by the power of Christ living in them. Jesus living in them by the Holy Spirit is the power to conquer the predator within. The battle is fierce, lasting a life-time, but the spiritual gift of joy is courage to endure and achieve victory. The triumph is sure because it is written by He who sits outside of time and is much greater than the evil one who rules by the power of Death.

The world today, is very dark. The evil one knows his time is short and the predators who serve him, roam the spiritual night, looking for prey. Those who belong to Jesus are favored targets because they not only offer a tasty meal but are a threat to the darkness that protects them. It is hard to read of people being beheaded in foreign lands and shot here in America, for no other reason than they name Jesus, and not be afraid. It’s difficult when targeted by someone who wishes you evil, not to fear the pain and destruction they long to inflict on your person. Pure evil is difficult for reasonable people of faith to comprehend or accept but true evil is wholly, unreasonable. Evil is real, it lives in flesh and blood, seeking to feed its huge appetite and destroy any threat to its self. If we allow them to fill us with fear, we are weakened and vulnerable. When threatened, we must turn to Jesus and remember that He has already, conquered the enemy and because of His victory over Death, a predator may destroy our body but we will not die. Death is reserved for those who give themselves to it and they will never find lasting life by the practice of evil. Their destruction drives them and pursues them. Those who belong to Jesus have the joy of righteousness that He earned by His obedience available, as courage against the evil spirit of fear. Even though they destroy our bodies as they destroyed the body of Jesus, we have the power to endure it as we testify to the One who sustains us, and delivered us, from the predator within.

Jesus is coming back but he will not return as prey. His sacrifice was complete; His blood and body the dowry for the bride He will claim upon His return. He will take her to safety and then destroy all predators, as the mighty Lion of Judah, the full wrath of God that will cleanse the world of evil, and make way for the 1,000 year rule of Jesus the Christ and His Righteous Kingdom. In that Kingdom there will be no more prey and predator, they will lie down together. No one will be hunted and no one will be driven to hunt because Satan and his evil ones will be locked in prison, with the power of Death greatly diminished. God will provide His sustenance and fear, pain, and seemingly endless, tears will end. At the completion of Christ’s one thousand year reign, Satan will be set free and then quickly, vanquished forever. Death will die. The old world will be forgotten as the eternal world is fully revealed. Joy will increase to become rapture and happiness will become eternal bliss!

Isaiah: Chapter 11

Jesus and Me

Jesus is the reason I still have breath;

He is my source of resurrection power!

Freely gave me Life in the place of death;

Rescued me in my soul’s ebony hour!


Jesus lives in me, closer than a brother;

His Light guiding me on the Narrow Way;

Where we walk, Jesus and Me and no other;

Forgives and corrects when I go astray!


Jesus is my everything; all that I am not;

He is my covering; Spirit that transforms

Me from within; heals festering sin’s rot!

Superior to religion that only, reforms:


Jesus is my Life; Jesus is my true purpose!

Jesus is my direction: Jesus is my passion!

Jesus is my friend; Jesus is my heart focus!

Jesus is my Savior; Jesus Lord of my action!


Jesus is the Love of my life Who is Life!

The only One worthy of complete adoration!

Hasten Day when every knee bends to end strife!

With every tongue’s convicted confession,

Christ Jesus as Lord and King of eternal life!


This is my completion, the final destination,

Of Jesus and Me.









Maintaining Joy in an Era of Fear


There is one word that best characterizes the early 21st Century and that word is fear. From the fear of terrorism, global financial collapse, increasing totalitarianism, uncontrolled immigration, to the end of the end times, fear is the predominant mood. There are ominous black clouds on the horizon that seem impervious to the sun. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of what threatens all of us and become frozen by the threat. There are also, those who see the fear in common folk and view it as an opportunity to make money or gain power. They magnify the threat to sell everything from financial advice to protection when the world as we know it ends. Others promise a better life in a new land to displaced persons, take the last of their money to smuggle them across borders, and even make slaves of some of them; and because of them, there are more slaves in the world now than at any other time in history. Predators know that frightened prey is easy prey and the 21st Century is proving to be a feeding frenzy for predators. By fear, the black night closes in as more and more people lose hope. The only, way to respond in an atmosphere of such pervasive fear is to reach for joy. It is the joy of Jesus that strengthens believers and gives us the power to overcome and not give in to terror.

Fear is natural, an important part of human, subjective intelligence. God built fear into our emotional character and He designed it for a purpose. Fear warns us of danger and signals for protective action but being overcome with fear clouds judgment and leaves us more vulnerable. Being afraid of things that may or may not happen and living in a state of constant terror is draining and immobilizing. If fear is to function properly, then it must be brought into balance. Moderation of fear is achieved by mindfully assessing where it should be rightfully, placed. This begins by looking away from the world with its looming threats and looking to God, the One who created us in His image. He is the only One who not only, has the power to destroy our bodies but also, to destroy our souls. He put us together and He can take us apart. Truly, freedom from fear begins with a healthy fear of the LORD. Fear thrives in ignorance but fearing God is the beginning of the end of spiritual ignorance and the first step toward an attitude of joy through knowledge of the Living God. When that knowledge is combined with saving faith in Jesus, it becomes righteous wisdom and a lamp that guides through the dark times of life. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world and with each victory over fear, joy increases and fear subsides.

The dark future that appears to be bearing down on us now is part of God’s plan. It is part of His plan to end the rule of man over man and return the Creation to Himself. There is no escaping from it but there is one refuge and that safe place is in Jesus Christ. Placing faith in Him is the only, sure hope, the only place where the soul can be preserved for eternity. Those who belong to Him have only, the destruction of our bodies to fear from the world but our souls will remain intact in Christ, to be reunited with promised, glorified bodies; to live in that bright Kingdom that will rise on the other side of the looming, terrible storm. It is by keeping focus on Jesus and that future promise that believers are kept from being disabled by overwhelming fear. Our sure haven is protection from the purveyors of fear who seek weakened prey. By faith, we are perfected in God’s divine love and as we increase trust in Him, that perfect love drives away all fear.

Beloved, don’t be afraid of what the world fears. Maintain your joy by drawing close to God, in Jesus and find the strength you need to overcome everything that causes you to fear. There is no new prophet to follow and no new teaching to obey, for surviving the end of the End Times. Faith in Christ alone and obedience to God is all that is required. God never changes and His promises are sure.

All that I have written above is found in the Bible, as my acquired overview. It is important for every believer to read and study the Bible and prove to their selves, the truth of what I and others write and teach. Jesus is the Teacher of every believer and protection from false prophets and false teaching comes only, from each one looking to Jesus and studying the Bible for their self.

By His Right Arm


I Am standing, suffering self-contained.

Perpendicular to mankind’s reason;

Gazing over the vast expanse of time;

My vengeance is self- constrained!

Directing each and every season;

Toward the right conclusion of time;

In spite of the evil I left unrestrained!

Reclaiming all that I lost to treason;

Limit it to time, time, and half a time!

I leave My holy righteousness ingrained,

In children’s hearts, Spirit infusion!

Freeing them all from the prison of time;

Until Death’s sting I have fully contained;

Ending forever the universal confusion,

When by man Death began marking time;

Dispelling every deadly, strong delusion!

Of mortal human gods unrestrained;

Honor the One standing outside of time!

Omnipotent, perpendicular to our reason,

Jesus’ shed blood cleansing all sin stained!

God’s benevolent grace, saving age in time;

By My right arm! Defy age of human reason!

I Am standing, suffering self-contained.



Life Sustaining Joy in a World of Thorns

Every plant that grows and survives in the harsh environment of the desert produces thorns. The cactus is the fittest of those survivors and by brilliant adaptation to the conditions of the desert climate, the cactus clothe themselves in self-protective quills. Attiring themselves in sharp spines prevents them from being trampled and guards against animals stealing their water and eating them as food. Other plants produce stickers that ensure survival of their seed and a new generation of plants. Stickers enable the plants to spread their seed by sticking themselves on the feet and legs of other animals that tread over them. Their ability to stick also enables them to lodge in hard, dry ground and wait for the rainy season. Sometimes, that season doesn’t come for years at a time but the unpleasant nature of a sticker protects it from being eaten by even drought-starved animals and it patiently, waits for the rain. Though every plant in the desert has learned to survive the deadly climate by producing thorns, every plant in the desert is dependent upon the water from above, in the form of rain, to produce new life. Without that rain, the thorniest plant will die and if that rain is withheld for too long, all life perishes and nothing remains but dunes of blowing, shifting sand.

People are much like the cactus. In a world ruled by death, we have adapted best because it is our nature to adapt, survive, thrive, and rule over the natural world. In response to the harsh environment, we toughen ourselves and grow behavioral thorns of protection. This ability is inborn, part of our genetic code, and when used properly, a God-given method for surviving un-survivable conditions. However, people aren’t cactus. We can think and we can feel and our feelings have the power to distort our thinking and our thinking pervert what we feel. We are creative beings who by conscious adaptation to our circumstances develop many methods to survive and also, achieve personal pleasure and satisfaction. The thorns we create can become preferred methods of coping that we employ habitually and even become addicted to. All of the negative characteristics God designed in us to be used in extreme circumstances become the norm, a maladaptive way of life. Protection turns vengeful and poisonous; thorns that no longer protect life but inflict needless pain and death. Without God people turn to themselves for wisdom and find only, sin which bears the sting of death. “Romans 1:29-31 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.” By these sinful thorns, people seek to preserve themselves but instead, inflict pain and death on themselves and others. Everyone who judges their brothers and sisters according to their thorns, produce the very same thorns themselves. Though by them we adapt to survive and thrive in the world created by human beings, we are unable to achieve Eternal life and life sustaining joy because our adaptation to sin is sin and sin produces more death. We naturally, reach for death to overcome death but what we need is life.

Jesus wore our sins as a crown of thorns and carried them to the cross. Jesus lived in the same harsh world that you and I live in but He never produced a single thorn. He relied on God for survival and not on human cunning. Jesus didn’t rely on sin to keep him safe or to achieve the things he desired. Jesus always reached for Life in the face of Death but in obedience bore our sins and died so we could be set free from sin and the death that sin brings. It was the sin of Adam and Eve that altered the life-sustaining world created by God and filled it with death; when they decided to be gods rather than obey the God who made them. It is Jesus, as the Second Adam, who is bringing the rule of Death to an end by sacrificing Himself, dying to sin, and then taking up His life to live again. He conquered death and in the age to come, He will vanquish death and sin will no longer sting. Thorns and stickers have no place in the new world to come.

Jesus is spiritual, life-sustaining water that produces new- life in the thorniest human beings. This water comes first from above and then bubbles up into a perpetual spring of life-sustaining joy in the hearts of those who embrace Jesus by faith. Even though, the world remains in a spiritual drought and thorns remain as a natural part of human defense, those who belong to Jesus don’t need them to survive. It is God who protects us in this dying world and it is God who enables us to survive the world without becoming like it. Though in our flesh, we will still struggle with the sting of both our own sins and the sins of others, Jesus is the antidote that prevents their poison from destroying us. By prayer, confession, and supplication Jesus removes each thorn and gives us His grace to endure those thorns that won’t be removed until we enter the Kingdom. Though in our bodies we bear many afflictions produced by the sting of Death, in our spirits we have eternal life in Jesus. We gain victory over the thorns of sin when in the face of Death we reach for Life!

Romans 4:7-8 “Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them.”

Ancient Passageway to Joy

Ancient stone passages standing open through time, and times, and half a time. Old doorways into ruins of an ancient Pueblo, constructed near the time of Christ, which remains as a monument to the first New Mexicans, the founders of my hometown, Aztec. I touch these walls crafted by long forgotten hands and marvel at the brilliance of these people we label as primitive. From rock, mud, and cedar they constructed a monument to their existence that withstood the test of time. Each tiny room that housed a family also, became a burial chamber; time capsules leaving a legacy of how they survived and thrived in the desert. The river that conquering Catholic Spaniards named Animas (lost souls) in response to discovering these same ruins is the river that made this pueblo possible. The same river that supported both past civilizations continues to sustain the ancient town I call home. I consider that this current Aztec will also, fall to ruin, as that is the final outcome of anything built by man. The ultimate joy human beings seek in everything we build evades us because of our mortal nature. We may succeed in building something that outlasts us but everything returns to dust as we also, return to the dust.

I step through the small door, big enough for only one, and as I step backward in time, I set my feet on the narrow path that leads through the pueblo. Standing in one small room that once served as living room, kitchen, bedroom, and then as a tomb, I am surprised by a feeling of coming home and reverence. On my right, there is another doorway that has been filled in with glass and those buried in that room have been left in state, along with the implements of daily life. Baskets, sandals, and sleeping mats woven from leaves of bear grass that are not only, practical but artistically decorated. Ceramic pots of varying sizes and shapes with glazed designs I recognize in pottery made by Pueblo people today. It’s obvious that these ancient people knew how to live well in the desert and they weren’t so different from the people who presently abide in Aztec. The only difference is our technologies but people and our needs never change and it is God Who supplies our needs through nature. I am standing in ancient history, looking through each subsequent passageway, my eyes guided by the light from outside in the future, and my spirit is overwhelmed by the Eternal One. I am reminded of my own life’s passage through time. I remember when I met Jesus, the Door and stepped through Him by faith, setting my feet onto the narrow path and began my walk on the Living Way. A leap that took me centuries backward, on a journey leading to the future, guided though the dark passages of earthly life, by the true Light that is also, Jesus. In that first step of faith, this mortal woman realized eternity in Christ. He is the ancient passageway standing open for times, and time, and half a time; until the full number of the called and chosen, enters and then the door will close. All human monuments will crumble as human rule comes to a final end. Then Jesus will open the door to a new and better world. Where He will rule over all and every human need will be met with utter healing and the sustenance of eternal life. Jesus is the ancient passageway to joy!