On Butterfly Wings

Four-year-old Ariel with hair the color of brown sugar and deep, sapphire-blue eyes peers intently at a yellow butterfly sitting at the center of a white Shasta daisy. It’s one of those early June days that memories are made of. A soft breeze stirs and lifts the little girl’s hair in a swirling poof, in … More On Butterfly Wings

Be Lifted!

Father, lift me above the conflict of ideology: Religion, philosophy, politics; the confusion When cultures collide and beast-like biology Brings out the worst in us; human delusion; Organized in the ‘isms, schisms, psychology Of division; the back-biting hate transfusion; That limits You to our limited understanding. Father, lift me upward! Where Your eternal Values transcend … More Be Lifted!

Love’s Balance

Lord? I only want these simple things: I want Peace. Not war. Love not hate. A long life to be lived in a happy state; Let me know the contentment joy brings!   But Lord? What I get are complications, Needless drama, manufactured misery! Stress! And I pay with anxiety, as usury; Subtracts from joy, … More Love’s Balance

The Center-Piece

At the center of everything: a tiny, baby boy. On His small shoulders, rests the assignment of the greatest mission ever known: the destruction of evil and the creation of world peace, with brotherhood, and goodwill toward men. Born as no one the world recognizes as having any power, this small baby is destined to turn … More The Center-Piece


Oh Father, I tremble in the awareness Of Your Presence! I know you hold me In Jesus; all things held in togetherness, Through whom all things created to be! Forgive me! I lose sight in forgetfulness, Of Your Presence, continually around me! Faith submerge in world’s doubtfulness, Stumbling, I forget that in You I am … More Complete

Only One Jesus

Of all the things… I’ve been told… Of all the things… I’ve been sold… Of all the things… filling my mind… Of all the things… I search to find… There’s only One… worthy of gold.   Only one Man… of Truth so bold… When all is lost…at end of mind… Reached up for… true love to … More Only One Jesus