These words I tear from my flesh and bone,

Then fashion to set afloat on digital streams;

Can you feel them?

Under a Cold Sun

Virtual sun-shine, so brilliantly cold!

Ruling the land without sympathy.

Some lives don’t matter! I’m told,

Rid the burden! Despise empathy!

Toward the unborn, those too old…

State decides whose life is worthy.

Drones obliterate in sums untold.

A bloodless click! A war so stealthy…

Beware silent attack! Horrors behold!

Non-endangered, Power’s Wealthy.

By Mandate, bread turns to mold…

Individualism? Deemed unhealthy.

Comply or force into collective fold.

No God above the State Authority!

Truth? Twisted interpretation sold…

State owes none, no accountability!

Arbitrary law enforced on the bold,

Who speak, Truth to Power Wealthy.

Manipulation: souls bought re-sold…

Chaotic border keeps covert slavery.

Organs bought or stolen; living gold!

Old woes revisited, intensify misery,

Beneath a virtual sun burning so cold!




I look around me and see,

Everything I’ve known coming apart;

Angry people seeking unity in common hatred,

Tribes forming; preparing for a great battle…

Over the lost soul of a too proud nation.

Denying the Spirit that kept them,

Bent on destruction,

On war.


“It’s time to tear it all down!” they say,

Abandon that old Constitution, let’s go backward,

And instead be like Europe, that far superior model!

Of Democratic Socialism, “we’ll all feed each other man”

But government workers produce no food, no housing, no necessities…

We’ll leave all of that to a sub-class of workers,

Independent Neanderthals of small business!

And immigrant workers with no legal status…

Slaves to serve the governing elite!

Equality earned through compliance.

To the Government,

Who bestows it;



But look what we’ve built they say!

A tall tower of power and untold wealth!

A marriage of Corporation and Government;

Come! Get in bed with us and we’ll make your dreams come true!

Just sign this contract, pay your dues, we’ll keep you safe from terrorists!

Give us your liberty in exchange for health care and we’ll pretend to be capitalists!

But forget that old Constitution, idealism never to be…

Be pragmatic; say to yourself “What’s in it for me?”

Tear down that dream in your heart,

Old dream of personal liberty!

Equality, freedom for all,

Morally sound persons,

Longing to be free…

Crush them!




They tore Woodstock down as a prophecy…

In their desperation born glee of destruction!

In hatred of the global giant their parents deny but all see;

The Beastlike Government growing and growing…

In youth, hearts long to be free!

Rebellion whispers,” Anarchy!”

“Don’t tread on me!”

But no, not the Constitution!

Old White man’s Document!

Lost in interpretation…

No borders! No boundaries!

Each to their own!

Liberty to the strongest!

By the Gun!

Personal Totalitarian,



Mourning America, I went searching for freedom’s song,

The one that echoes in this old American heart:

Individual freedom; guarded by morality;

Equal value; God given rights to life,

Liberty, and pursuit of happiness;

Freedom to succeed and to fail;

All outlined in the Constitution.

Old Document that when left to do so,

Interprets itself.

The forgotten


The true American Dream;

The Spirit of right Unity;

A common dream of personal liberty,

With respect for the liberty of others;

Dependence upon God not Government,

Freedom maintained by healthy morality,

That denies the need to be governed,

By other men and women;


Rule ends;

If we but begin,


On our knees!

And live as the men and women,

God intended us to be.

Are you willing? “To die or live free?”

Or will you knuckle under,


To Totalitarian.









Cowboy Independent

The American West is where I belong!

It is the land I’m made from;

A wild land tamed by ancestors strong;

I am as tough as they come!

Rugged individual of the cowboy-song;

Living hard, won’t succumb!

To societal standards, avoid the throng;

In the city I am a sore-thumb!

Big skies over empty land, liberty-song!

Cowboy symbol of freedom!

Pull up my boots I stand tall and long!

Now, I’m an outmoded bum?

Hear America singing her death-song?

My liberty sold for a crumb…

Of empty promises is so dang wrong!

D.C. filled with lying scum!

Cowboy Independent this final-song…

Farewell American freedom!

Shoot me dead in this land I belong!

To tyranny I won’t succumb!

America! I am what made you strong!

Now, silence freedom drum…

Left-Right boot march! Comrade-song!


Timothy Leary and the Satanic Narco Men

Ai Timothy Leary, ivy towered pied piper of my youth! I remember you so well…

And in the legend to this day sung, they tell…

Repeat this famous line: you aren’t dead but out there, somewhere…

Looking in… And I’m wondering….

Is this the “Brave New World” you imagined?

Is this the evolution you desired to force by chemical enlightenment?

Did you see what became of the children who drank your “Magic Kool-Aide”?

What did you think would happen after “The Year of Peace and Love” became the past?

What did you think would remain after 1968?

I heard you talking in 1982 and it was evident, you still thought what you’d done was great!

A fine mind twisted by too much LSD! An old man still rambling about the destruction of society…

Truly, an aging reprobate…

Are you really out there? Have you seen the Satanic Narco Men of 2016?

The Counter Culture took over, man! Now, the Narcos rule! They’re the new establishment!

Dude! They rule! With an iron fist of violence, by the gun,

With the power of astronomical wealth!

Gained by selling your famous “Magic Kool-Aide” in every flavor and form…

Ai Timothy! I see your dreams coming true as society crumbles and nations fall,

To the madness brought on by so many chemically endarkened minds!

This is the “New World Order”…

Corruption maintains porous borders as great Narco Armies guard global trade routes;

Ensuring the flow of your “Magic Kool-Aide” (available in so many flavors) to a drug-starved world…

Did you know your little test would birth the world’s largest economy?

You, my Communist leaning mentor, who engendered this mighty capitalist’s black market,

If you’re out there… do you wish you could close the Pandora’s Box?

You who railed against Viet Nam, do you acknowledge the blood on your hands?

Are you able to number the innocents who’ve fallen? The collateral damage of the Narco Wars?

Everywhere now, there are “baby killers”. In this liberal world built on the amorality of science.

Conscious Evolution by chemically induced spirituality is a nightmare! A bad trip man…

But Timothy! The masses still dance to your tune! And respond by popping another pill…

For in this “New Narco World”, dealers often wear white coats and pocket prescription pads.

Every day new addicts are born and the cycle of abuse continues in our dysfunctional human family;

A family drowning in chemically empowered denial.

And Timothy? Before you dismiss this as the ramblings of a post-menopausal hag who back in 1970,

Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ruined her health with drugs…

Let me remind you; chickens come home to roost, and America’s chickens are on their way…

The Satanic Narcos who crushed Columbia, Guatemala, and Mexico will crush America and the world!

The only way to stop them is to starve them out by abstaining from drinking “Magic Kool-Aide”…

It is our sin bringing this decent into madness.

I know Timothy, you really are dead but Judgment Day is coming and you aren’t the only one…

Who must answer for the blood on your hands.




It isn’t Terror, It Is Horror

“Fourteen people were murdered in San Bernardino yesterday.”

“Yeah, I read that this is the 352nd mass shooting this year;

Four hundred and sixty dead so far…”

“Prayers and flowers aren’t enough. They need to take guns away!”

“Oh, you bleeding heart! Don’t you know you’re playing into fear?”

“Oh yeah? What’s your side done so far?

God and guns! That’s the answer! Bible thumping, that’s the way!”

“Well, all you care about you liberal fool, is smoking dope, drinking beer!

It’s no wonder the country has slid so far!”

“Yeah, that’s right and you worship the great sky-daddy! It doesn’t pay!

Religion should be outlawed! Nothing but old superstitions and fear!

Look where your God has taken us so far!”

“You fool! The world will be so much better when God wipes you all away!

You’d better watch who you’re talking to! You better have some fear!

My patience is short! Patience only goes so far!”

“You asinine Neanderthal! First you curse me and then tell me I should pray?

You hypocritical, throwback of evolution! I want all of you dead! Get out of here!

It’s your fault! Your ideals led us away so far!”

“You self-loathing liberal! You are blind to the enemy and bring them home to stay!

You hater of God, mom, and apple pie! Good for nothing but to mock and jeer!

We good folks will only allow you to go so far!”

“You bigoted, ignorant hater! Don’t you know you worship the same God as ‘they’?

That wrathful God is the God I hate! The same God you worship and tell me to fear!

My reason won’t allow me let you go that far!”

“All of you think you are so smart but we’re the ones with all the guns stashed away!

Your side can abort yourselves into oblivion! Do you think I care!

Don’t push me! I can take this very far!”

“Yeah, right tough guy! There’s more than one way to kill a bigot! You better start to pray!

Your side has dished it out long enough! Now, pay your share!

Exterminate the lot of you! Yeah, I’ll go that far!”


Fourteen people were murdered in San Bernardino yesterday.

352 mass shootings, with 460 people dead, just this year;

Murderous hearts take it all too far!

It isn’t terror, it’s a horror, that seems to be here to stay;

It isn’t God, or guns, there’s no political fix; it’s murderous fear,

That drives the need to control too far!

Has enough blood been spilled to turn us around to walk another way?

Or will we continue to seek solutions in death and fear?

Are we really so stubborn to take it so far?

Have you done a body count for this new century, or did you just notice yesterday?

Millions have died in this war of terror, this horrifying war of fear!

Blood is everywhere and it has gone much too far!

Jesus weeps for those who were gunned down and died yesterday,

He knows them all; lovingly counts the number of every fallen hair;

And weeps over murderous hearts taking it too far!





Joy in Digital Wonderland

Here I sit securely, in my comfy chair;

All the world’s evil resting lightly on my lap;

Scrolling, clicking, typing, liking, and un-liking!

Deeply embroiled in the war of ideas; wondering;

When it was that the lines of reality blurred? A trap

Door in my mind opened; my peace fell floundering,

Sucked out in the endless vacuum of negative…krap!

Invented by caberos with too much time on their hands!

Evil day dreams; testosterone imaginings! All squandering

Youthful strength and vigor, in digital war-like insanity snap!

What is it I’m doing here? How did I fall down this rabbit hole?

Joy set on a mission to strengthen and enlighten; now meandering;

Joy in Digital Wonderland! Tweeting those joyful tweets about Jesus!

He is the Only true Light; shining bright from centuries past; Life’s hope

His Love remaining; He still saves! Pursuing all lost caberos , work shirking!

Who need a new purpose, guidance, direction, a straightened path to walk!

This is the reason, the mission of Christ that makes discomfort less troubling;

Replenish faith ! An ambassador of Christ, carrying joy to this dark Wonderland;

As I sit securely, in my comfy chair with the world’s evil and hope sitting on my lap?






Maintaining Joy in an Era of Fear


There is one word that best characterizes the early 21st Century and that word is fear. From the fear of terrorism, global financial collapse, increasing totalitarianism, uncontrolled immigration, to the end of the end times, fear is the predominant mood. There are ominous black clouds on the horizon that seem impervious to the sun. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of what threatens all of us and become frozen by the threat. There are also, those who see the fear in common folk and view it as an opportunity to make money or gain power. They magnify the threat to sell everything from financial advice to protection when the world as we know it ends. Others promise a better life in a new land to displaced persons, take the last of their money to smuggle them across borders, and even make slaves of some of them; and because of them, there are more slaves in the world now than at any other time in history. Predators know that frightened prey is easy prey and the 21st Century is proving to be a feeding frenzy for predators. By fear, the black night closes in as more and more people lose hope. The only, way to respond in an atmosphere of such pervasive fear is to reach for joy. It is the joy of Jesus that strengthens believers and gives us the power to overcome and not give in to terror.

Fear is natural, an important part of human, subjective intelligence. God built fear into our emotional character and He designed it for a purpose. Fear warns us of danger and signals for protective action but being overcome with fear clouds judgment and leaves us more vulnerable. Being afraid of things that may or may not happen and living in a state of constant terror is draining and immobilizing. If fear is to function properly, then it must be brought into balance. Moderation of fear is achieved by mindfully assessing where it should be rightfully, placed. This begins by looking away from the world with its looming threats and looking to God, the One who created us in His image. He is the only One who not only, has the power to destroy our bodies but also, to destroy our souls. He put us together and He can take us apart. Truly, freedom from fear begins with a healthy fear of the LORD. Fear thrives in ignorance but fearing God is the beginning of the end of spiritual ignorance and the first step toward an attitude of joy through knowledge of the Living God. When that knowledge is combined with saving faith in Jesus, it becomes righteous wisdom and a lamp that guides through the dark times of life. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world and with each victory over fear, joy increases and fear subsides.

The dark future that appears to be bearing down on us now is part of God’s plan. It is part of His plan to end the rule of man over man and return the Creation to Himself. There is no escaping from it but there is one refuge and that safe place is in Jesus Christ. Placing faith in Him is the only, sure hope, the only place where the soul can be preserved for eternity. Those who belong to Him have only, the destruction of our bodies to fear from the world but our souls will remain intact in Christ, to be reunited with promised, glorified bodies; to live in that bright Kingdom that will rise on the other side of the looming, terrible storm. It is by keeping focus on Jesus and that future promise that believers are kept from being disabled by overwhelming fear. Our sure haven is protection from the purveyors of fear who seek weakened prey. By faith, we are perfected in God’s divine love and as we increase trust in Him, that perfect love drives away all fear.

Beloved, don’t be afraid of what the world fears. Maintain your joy by drawing close to God, in Jesus and find the strength you need to overcome everything that causes you to fear. There is no new prophet to follow and no new teaching to obey, for surviving the end of the End Times. Faith in Christ alone and obedience to God is all that is required. God never changes and His promises are sure.

All that I have written above is found in the Bible, as my acquired overview. It is important for every believer to read and study the Bible and prove to their selves, the truth of what I and others write and teach. Jesus is the Teacher of every believer and protection from false prophets and false teaching comes only, from each one looking to Jesus and studying the Bible for their self.

Ode to Roseburg


Something happened on the other day!

Something so difficult for me to relate.

Something that I recognize as tragedy.

Nothing can be changed or time repay;

Nothing now can be done to alleviate;

Nothing humanly transforms tragedy.

Anything I hope or I can possibly say,

Anything directed at redirecting fate,

Anything given can’t reverse tragedy.

Everything I beg for and all that I pray,

Everything regretted, sorrowing state,

Everything’s not adequate for tragedy.

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Joy Is Not Virtual

A glittering net of virtual technology has draped itself over us and binds us all together. A new kind of world is born; part reality, part fantasy, filled with all the hopes and dreams of humanity and therefore, rife with sin. The virtual world is us and we are it. It is the collective consciousness of humankind and to live in the modern world, it is required of us to participate. If we give ourselves over to it, we are consumed by it and lose ourselves in a kind of mind-melding madness; a delusional dream that each of has a part in directing. All thinking people are concerned about it but turning away from it isn’t an option. None of get to pick the time we are born in. Our only choice is to live out the life set before us and if we are to survive intact, we must learn to embrace the digital age and resist it at the same time. The alternate choice is fringe isolation or a decent into madness, and often both of these choices are combined as one. Life, love, and joy aren’t virtual but virtual technology, when employed with balance, can enhance our lives.

Moderation is the rule of thumb in all things and everything taken to an extreme is harmful. I am speaking this to a society in which I Phones have become an appendage of the mind. The way we relate to one another has been completely altered by them. The next step is a chip placed on our brains that would make the internet part of us. I wonder if we will really go so far as to surrender our individuality to technology but when I see how addicted people are to their I Phones I sadly, receive my answer. I also, spend much more time than is good for me, online. I have seen others who suffer from what I’ve termed as “Internet Madness” and I have vowed not to let it happen to me and I set boundaries to prevent it but sometimes, I also get sucked in. I sometimes, forget that the people I meet online are partly, as they present themselves and partly, as I imagine them to be. I am not likely to ever know them in reality. That doesn’t prevent me from forming relationships because it is natural for human beings to relate. The people I converse with and share with become important to me. I sometimes, become important to some of them but what they imagine me to be and who I am in reality will never quite mesh. Virtual relationships aren’t real but only, digital imitations of the relationships we dream of. When reality makes its way in and the dream is revealed as false, people are disappointed and hurt. Real life can’t be lived by virtual technology but real people experience real pain in the virtual world.

Lonely, isolated people are the most vulnerable to the temptation of replacing real life with a virtual, online life. The fantasy element can make it even more appealing than the drudgery of life in the work-a-day world. I know what I speak of because my health isolates me and one of the reasons I write and self-publish is because I want daily connections with other people. I try to convey who I am in an honest, forth-right way but I’m human and I am sure that how I present myself isn’t entirely, genuine. I have no control over how others might imagine me. I want the words I contribute to this melding of human minds that we refer to as the Net, to be filled with the joy of Jesus, positive words of life. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect or that I live a perfect life. I’m not a model of anything but a sinful woman saved by grace. My joy is not a virtual creation designed to garner a following. My joy is genuine and living; a product of my very real relationship with Jesus. Sometimes, I get myself in trouble when I look for human companionship online when I should be content to rest in Him. I never mean to mislead, disappoint, or hurt through any of the words I write. I don’t want to present myself as anything other than a woman saved from a sinful life and given a new life in Christ. I am nothing, He is everything and the joy I have in Him sustains me in every kind of suffering, whether that suffering comes from the real world or the virtual world. He is the all in all.

This post took a turn other than what I intended but what I’d like everyone who reads it to take from it is this: Jesus is real and the joy that comes by faith in Him is real and available to all who believe and trust in Him. In Him we can find the balance we need to survive our time in history and not be overcome by it. Dear reader, stay grounded in the faith and don’t be swept away by strong delusion. Cling to Jesus and have faith because He is returning soon!