These words I tear from my flesh and bone, Then fashion to set afloat on digital streams; Can you feel them?

Under a Cold Sun

Virtual sun-shine, so brilliantly cold! Ruling the land without sympathy. Some lives don’t matter! I’m told, Rid the burden! Despise empathy! Toward the unborn, those too old… State decides whose life is worthy. Drones obliterate in sums untold. A bloodless click! A war so stealthy… Beware silent attack! Horrors behold! Non-endangered, Power’s Wealthy. By Mandate, … More Under a Cold Sun


I look around me and see, Everything I’ve known coming apart; Angry people seeking unity in common hatred, Tribes forming; preparing for a great battle… Over the lost soul of a too proud nation. Denying the Spirit that kept them, Bent on destruction, On war.   “It’s time to tear it all down!” they say, … More Totalitarian

Cowboy Independent

The American West is where I belong! It is the land I’m made from; A wild land tamed by ancestors strong; I am as tough as they come! Rugged individual of the cowboy-song; Living hard, won’t succumb! To societal standards, avoid the throng; In the city I am a sore-thumb! Big skies over empty land, … More Cowboy Independent

Ode to Roseburg

  Something happened on the other day! Something so difficult for me to relate. Something that I recognize as tragedy. Nothing can be changed or time repay; Nothing now can be done to alleviate; Nothing humanly transforms tragedy. Anything I hope or I can possibly say, Anything directed at redirecting fate, Anything given can’t reverse … More Ode to Roseburg

Joy Is Not Virtual

A glittering net of virtual technology has draped itself over us and binds us all together. A new kind of world is born; part reality, part fantasy, filled with all the hopes and dreams of humanity and therefore, rife with sin. The virtual world is us and we are it. It is the collective consciousness … More Joy Is Not Virtual