Blood Moon

Rising now, fourth blood moon!

A spectacle or a portending sign,

Of the ending of the end-times?

Might be coming! The LORD’s Day!

The fearful will look and swoon!

Wanting answers more benign,

Soft sounds in soothing rhymes.

Don’t speak of the LORD’s Day;

I believe and Jesus is coming soon!

A favorite memorized comfort line,

Sing this old song in soothing chimes.

Hoping to avoid the LORD’s Day;

As God’s vineyard He begins to prune!

Then trample His grapes into wine,

Songs will turn to sad wailing croon!

Wrath visited on the LORD’s Day;

Holocaust! Moon heavenly warning sign!

Jesus is only safety in ending end-times;

Have faith! Not fear of rising blood moon!

Be prepared for the LORD’s Day!