Hope Eternal

In the blush of a young child’s cheek, And in the wrinkled smiling face Of a kind old woman, Hope is seen with no need to speak; Good banishes evil, leaves no trace, A journey to transcend; Aged kind face, youth’s blushing cheek, The Alpha and the Omega lace, And form the eternal; When child … More Hope Eternal

Daddy’s Dancing Joy

A rare blue-bird dream of fleeting happiness Dancing lightly on a summer’s gentle breeze; Budded girl-heart blossoming ; Fanciful dreams! Shy, timid feathered sighs… misty moodiness Giggling joy tinkling-floats through leafy trees; Little ballerina dancing in twirling sunlight gleams! Safely spinning in Daddy’s heart-secure-lovingness Watching, protecting, blessing every little sneeze; ‘Till blue-bird ballerina’s twirling-growing dreams … More Daddy’s Dancing Joy