Vapors rise to form clouds and dreams. Most take flight to drift on a pleasant breeze, Then dissipate unremembered. The few give of themselves to the nurturing of green hills; Causing flowers to bloom in bursting color! While others grow, gather, rumble, and flash! Turning day to night under fear’s shadow; Destructive damaging force! Genesis … More Vapors

Candied Dreams

A young girl dreams in pink cotton-candy; Of beauty, fortune, love, and fame; Dreams quickly melt; a sugar-rush dandy! Disillusioned; Candy dreams to blame…   Convictions are born in a cinnamon candy; Crusader’s passion a hot burning flame! A tea-totaling holy-roller eschews brandy; Focused mind- set; an evil world tame…   Reality, sweet-sour burst of … More Candied Dreams