Jesus and Me

Jesus is the reason I still have breath;

He is my source of resurrection power!

Freely gave me Life in the place of death;

Rescued me in my soul’s ebony hour!


Jesus lives in me, closer than a brother;

His Light guiding me on the Narrow Way;

Where we walk, Jesus and Me and no other;

Forgives and corrects when I go astray!


Jesus is my everything; all that I am not;

He is my covering; Spirit that transforms

Me from within; heals festering sin’s rot!

Superior to religion that only, reforms:


Jesus is my Life; Jesus is my true purpose!

Jesus is my direction: Jesus is my passion!

Jesus is my friend; Jesus is my heart focus!

Jesus is my Savior; Jesus Lord of my action!


Jesus is the Love of my life Who is Life!

The only One worthy of complete adoration!

Hasten Day when every knee bends to end strife!

With every tongue’s convicted confession,

Christ Jesus as Lord and King of eternal life!


This is my completion, the final destination,

Of Jesus and Me.