Joy vs. Fear and Wins!

Kathleen lived in a state of constant fear; and her fear wasn’t unreasonable. Raised in a home characterized by abuse and neglect, Kathleen grew up to recognize abuse as normal and even, an expression of love. This left the door open for child-rapists and sexual exploiters to further abuse her. Even though Kathleen accepted it … More Joy vs. Fear and Wins!

Daddy’s Dancing Joy

A rare blue-bird dream of fleeting happiness Dancing lightly on a summer’s gentle breeze; Budded girl-heart blossoming ; Fanciful dreams! Shy, timid feathered sighs… misty moodiness Giggling joy tinkling-floats through leafy trees; Little ballerina dancing in twirling sunlight gleams! Safely spinning in Daddy’s heart-secure-lovingness Watching, protecting, blessing every little sneeze; ‘Till blue-bird ballerina’s twirling-growing dreams … More Daddy’s Dancing Joy