The Breach

An old woman sits on a bench, placed against a south facing wall, enjoying the sun as it melts aches and pains away. Lost in the bright warmth on her face, she begins to dream in reverse. Riding the rays of the sun, she finds herself transported to that special place, sitting on flag-stone, beneath … More The Breach

The Center-Piece

At the center of everything: a tiny, baby boy. On His small shoulders, rests the assignment of the greatest mission ever known: the destruction of evil and the creation of world peace, with brotherhood, and goodwill toward men. Born as no one the world recognizes as having any power, this small baby is destined to turn … More The Center-Piece

The Joy in Forgiveness

Time wears away at the facts within a memory; But time, can’t prevent the wound from scaring; Or prevent mindless hand from caressing reverie, The cold, rough lump, which stiffens love’s caring; A madness of sorts; this living in the past’s territory! Lost in yesterday; and past hurts in present bearing; Brokenness unburied, lye outside … More The Joy in Forgiveness