Winter’s Artist

The budding artist that never quite blossomed into fame is that eccentric old woman. I am her and she is me and the hardest part about being her is accepting her. Once active hands and mind used to create things of beauty now, often lie in rest or are consumed with self-care. However, that eternal … More Winter’s Artist

Tune of Heart

Oh! Listen to the new tune playing upon my heart! It’s light as feather stirred by emotional weather… Lifts by the sun; drifts with moon; love to impart! Sets dreams aquiver, light of inspiration to deliver… Dips down in a sad swoon, dream-despairing-heart… Melancholy blue savor, open Door for sad-believer… Breath of Life re-stirs my … More Tune of Heart

Joy’s Inspiration

Sometimes…I don’t have anything important to say; But me? I like to play around with words anyway… And I’m wondering… Can I pull something from this still sea of tranquility? Without inspiration must I abandon my word ability? Yes, I’m pondering… On the meaning of what I do as I search for a reason… To … More Joy’s Inspiration