Benevolent Power

When the cotton flies on a summer day worries melt in the magic of rose bouquets presented by the Walking Stick Cactus. In the heat of sun and full life, time, age, and winter don’t matter. Swirling white cotton floating on the warm wind lifts my fanciful thoughts to go dancing in a summer-time blizzard. … More Benevolent Power

La Vieja and The Magpie

Way down in old Nuevo Mexico, as the Crow flies, towards the river, La vieja sits under her Cottonwoods, never-to-mind bickering Magpie! Contentedly painting images of crows in colorful high-top sneakers; In defiance! Of Death, Crow is said to bring on a black-winged-quiver! Small-round-old woman, tough-as-nails, true-blue as enchanted sky; Worn by west-blowing wind she … More La Vieja and The Magpie