Primrose Dream

Enchanted by a Primrose dream in June… A perfect dewy morn, Sun adorns! I awake by Meadowlark tune! No summer will I scorn! Take my hand old man, still a honeymoon… Our old love newly born, In every passing season and many a moon! Every wrinkle care-worn, My dear old man hold me and let’s spoon! … More Primrose Dream

Turn Back

I am an old fashioned girl, I guess. Still a bit new to being an old lady; I’ve lived long enough to see a few things. I’ve learned a lot and I know what works, And what doesn’t.   I remember many things that are now, forgotten.   I’m still quite taken with chivalry. A … More Turn Back

Heart of Blue

I cut this heart of blue, From special paper I saved for you, In love’s cooler hue; Trim in fine lace, used time as my glue; Binding of hearts true; Ribbons weave through and through, Defining edges anew; Now, tiny hearts of pink and baby-blue! My how our years flew! Happy Heart Day! True love share … More Heart of Blue

Love Divine

If the world chose to heed its old women, And consider this love-poem I’ve penned… Reveal that romance is hormonal crimson, Nothing more than transient biology bend, Desire to procreate defies logic and reason.   This is the true love-message I wish to send… Possible love divine exists; Please, do listen! Govern desire; to prevent … More Love Divine

Three Sealed as One

My secret lover was Solitude, How I longed for you! Refuge from the multitude… Time to think it through… In your arms lay in gratitude; My! How time flew! Love greater than platitude, Without you I am blue; In silence of love interlude, As my affections grew, For you I developed aptitude, I decided to … More Three Sealed as One

Road Trip

Happiness is found on the road, moving in sync with time; chasing the horizon and then leaving it behind, in pursuit of the next visible goal. It is the purest expression of life, constant motion and never knowing what will happen next. All preparations for the final destination, in road maps, travel times, weather forecasts, … More Road Trip