Early Spring Wind

The spring wind roars over the ever-grey high desert that waits for just the right amount of warmth and moisture to bloom. By gale forces the desert floor is being swept clean to prepare for a new season of life. As long as there is snow on the mountain peaks there will be wind in … More Early Spring Wind

La Vieja and The Magpie

Way down in old Nuevo Mexico, as the Crow flies, towards the river, La vieja sits under her Cottonwoods, never-to-mind bickering Magpie! Contentedly painting images of crows in colorful high-top sneakers; In defiance! Of Death, Crow is said to bring on a black-winged-quiver! Small-round-old woman, tough-as-nails, true-blue as enchanted sky; Worn by west-blowing wind she … More La Vieja and The Magpie