These words I tear from my flesh and bone,

Then fashion to set afloat on digital streams;

Can you feel them?

At the Heart of Joy

There’s no joy to be found in a side-step with Truth.

If you want to destroy love, make sure to tell lies.

To thwart peace, you must practice deceit.

Hope dies in a self-centered thought.

Death solves no problem in life.

Death begets death.

Life begets Life.


Happiness fleeting pursue as a temporary joy, consume.

The passion of romance rises and falls with the moon.

Beauty can be deceptive, the mask of hate and evil.

Vain-glory, insatiable black hole of soul.

Death is destined to swallow itself.

Life cannot die.

Life fills Death.


There’s a hunger within all that material gain can’t satisfy.

A need for love, forgiveness, guidance, and eternal Life;

Peace with God, the Father and inner peace with self.

Hopeful purpose found in Christ-centered thoughts.

Enlightenment: Truth’s beauty to satiate the soul.

Light consumes Night.

Life triumphs Death.


Truth is the pain of healing that brings joy when obeyed.

To promote Divine Love, make sure you honor Truth.

To ensure peace, practice honesty with integrity.

Spread hope by serving God and then all others.

Life is the solution to our struggle with Death.

Jesus embodies Life.

Jesus is Eternal Life.







Under a Cold Sun

Virtual sun-shine, so brilliantly cold!

Ruling the land without sympathy.

Some lives don’t matter! I’m told,

Rid the burden! Despise empathy!

Toward the unborn, those too old…

State decides whose life is worthy.

Drones obliterate in sums untold.

A bloodless click! A war so stealthy…

Beware silent attack! Horrors behold!

Non-endangered, Power’s Wealthy.

By Mandate, bread turns to mold…

Individualism? Deemed unhealthy.

Comply or force into collective fold.

No God above the State Authority!

Truth? Twisted interpretation sold…

State owes none, no accountability!

Arbitrary law enforced on the bold,

Who speak, Truth to Power Wealthy.

Manipulation: souls bought re-sold…

Chaotic border keeps covert slavery.

Organs bought or stolen; living gold!

Old woes revisited, intensify misery,

Beneath a virtual sun burning so cold!




I look around me and see,

Everything I’ve known coming apart;

Angry people seeking unity in common hatred,

Tribes forming; preparing for a great battle…

Over the lost soul of a too proud nation.

Denying the Spirit that kept them,

Bent on destruction,

On war.


“It’s time to tear it all down!” they say,

Abandon that old Constitution, let’s go backward,

And instead be like Europe, that far superior model!

Of Democratic Socialism, “we’ll all feed each other man”

But government workers produce no food, no housing, no necessities…

We’ll leave all of that to a sub-class of workers,

Independent Neanderthals of small business!

And immigrant workers with no legal status…

Slaves to serve the governing elite!

Equality earned through compliance.

To the Government,

Who bestows it;



But look what we’ve built they say!

A tall tower of power and untold wealth!

A marriage of Corporation and Government;

Come! Get in bed with us and we’ll make your dreams come true!

Just sign this contract, pay your dues, we’ll keep you safe from terrorists!

Give us your liberty in exchange for health care and we’ll pretend to be capitalists!

But forget that old Constitution, idealism never to be…

Be pragmatic; say to yourself “What’s in it for me?”

Tear down that dream in your heart,

Old dream of personal liberty!

Equality, freedom for all,

Morally sound persons,

Longing to be free…

Crush them!




They tore Woodstock down as a prophecy…

In their desperation born glee of destruction!

In hatred of the global giant their parents deny but all see;

The Beastlike Government growing and growing…

In youth, hearts long to be free!

Rebellion whispers,” Anarchy!”

“Don’t tread on me!”

But no, not the Constitution!

Old White man’s Document!

Lost in interpretation…

No borders! No boundaries!

Each to their own!

Liberty to the strongest!

By the Gun!

Personal Totalitarian,



Mourning America, I went searching for freedom’s song,

The one that echoes in this old American heart:

Individual freedom; guarded by morality;

Equal value; God given rights to life,

Liberty, and pursuit of happiness;

Freedom to succeed and to fail;

All outlined in the Constitution.

Old Document that when left to do so,

Interprets itself.

The forgotten


The true American Dream;

The Spirit of right Unity;

A common dream of personal liberty,

With respect for the liberty of others;

Dependence upon God not Government,

Freedom maintained by healthy morality,

That denies the need to be governed,

By other men and women;


Rule ends;

If we but begin,


On our knees!

And live as the men and women,

God intended us to be.

Are you willing? “To die or live free?”

Or will you knuckle under,


To Totalitarian.









Heart of Blue

I cut this heart of blue,

From special paper I saved for you,

In love’s cooler hue;

Trim in fine lace, used time as my glue;

Binding of hearts true;

Ribbons weave through and through,

Defining edges anew;

Now, tiny hearts of pink and baby-blue!

My how our years flew!

Happy Heart Day! True love share with you!


The Bottom

There is no known exhaustion,

Like the complete exhaustion,

Of trying far too long,

To make-believe and be strong.

When on the inside weakness screams!

Breaking the profound silence,

Where-in lays the corpse of cherished dreams.


This is the human condition,

A very bitter truth rendition,

At the hitting-bottom reality moment;

In agony lie there, in Pride’s torment!

Embraced truth is humility;

God’s strength survives our weakest moment.


Love Divine

If the world chose to heed its old women,

And consider this love-poem I’ve penned…

Reveal that romance is hormonal crimson,

Nothing more than transient biology bend,

Desire to procreate defies logic and reason.


This is the true love-message I wish to send…

Possible love divine exists; Please, do listen!

Govern desire; to prevent the need to mend;

Sex, enjoy as open recreation and be bitten!

Caught! In jaws of natural consequences end.


Laws humans can’t change or have re-written;

Nature’s boundaries aren’t meant to rescind;

By respect do deliver divine love, pure linen!

Intimate relations a holy bond; purity defend!

Divine faithful love! Avoid empty lust demon!








Truth is Action

What is this quietude of thought I don’t recognize?

Is there nothing left for me to say?

Did I work so long and now this truth I must realize?

There’s nothing new to be written anyway?

All’s been said before with no new method to merchandize,



My life I spent thinking I must write to make others prize,

The importance of truth as a better way…

I worked hard to get their attention and help them rightly apprize,

The validity of those words I was driven to say.

Some, who agreed listened, while others seemed to only patronize,



Now, I wonder about all the words I worked so hard to radicalize…

Was it better to write or to pray?

Perhaps, I’m unable to capture Truth and in my many words capsulize,

The flame burning in my heart to say…

Is this thing I call art really anything? Or just my pride’s way to aggrandize…



I am older now and still, my ears open to listen, I’m willing to actualize;

Obey these words that in youth I burned to say…

Truth is full when lived, written truth partial, words not only to conceptualize.

Something I wish I’d understood on a younger day.

A more effective method is to trust, obey, and by faith’s quiet living Way, initialize









Cowboy Independent

The American West is where I belong!

It is the land I’m made from;

A wild land tamed by ancestors strong;

I am as tough as they come!

Rugged individual of the cowboy-song;

Living hard, won’t succumb!

To societal standards, avoid the throng;

In the city I am a sore-thumb!

Big skies over empty land, liberty-song!

Cowboy symbol of freedom!

Pull up my boots I stand tall and long!

Now, I’m an outmoded bum?

Hear America singing her death-song?

My liberty sold for a crumb…

Of empty promises is so dang wrong!

D.C. filled with lying scum!

Cowboy Independent this final-song…

Farewell American freedom!

Shoot me dead in this land I belong!

To tyranny I won’t succumb!

America! I am what made you strong!

Now, silence freedom drum…

Left-Right boot march! Comrade-song!


Joy’s Inspiration

Sometimes…I don’t have anything important to say;

But me? I like to play around with words anyway…

And I’m wondering…

Can I pull something from this still sea of tranquility?

Without inspiration must I abandon my word ability?

Yes, I’m pondering…

On the meaning of what I do as I search for a reason…

To share my words with you in and out of my season;

Am I really floundering?

In a sea of useless thoughts they call a writer’s block?

Or if I without thought write will my purpose unlock?

Am I time squandering?

Will truth emerge from these floating random words?

If I hammer long enough will inspiration flock as birds?

My ideas meandering…

An epiphany spark, imagination lights in bright yellow!

My fractals of thought ordered, tasty like a lime Jell-O!

I do love to go wandering…

I enjoy spelunking the unknown labyrinth of my mind!

Journey into my inner mystery; Truth is my joy to find!

Might of inspiration roaring!

Flowing words of true beauty, Truth is key, words unlock…

Spirit’s purpose over-rides emptiness of my writer’s block.