Redemption is Joyous Liberty!

In the mind of every person lives the divine and the profane. Though some of us lean more heavily one way than the other, our every thought and action is a combination of good and evil. This sets us apart from all other creatures that populate the earth. It makes us more powerful than all other beasts, even god-like but it is also, our curse. Human beings are double-minded creatures, unstable in all of our ways. Even those who desire what is good, commit evil and those who choose evil sometimes, accomplish good. The outcomes of our choices often evade our ultimate intentions. Though we are god-like on the earth, we perish because we are unable to choose correctly between good and evil and produce ultimate good. Our instability not only, affects our own kind but threatens the entire world with extinction.

Denial (in all its lying forms) is the common chosen method for coping with the evil that human choices create. Like naughty children, we run and hide from God and when we are exposed; and the Lie is the fig-leaf we naturally choose to hide our sinful imperfection. Hoping to avoid the evil in natural consequences, we add a little more evil. Many choose to deny the existence of evil, altogether and embrace the Lie by thinking they can rightly employ it and control their personal destiny. Inner peace is the promise sought for by accepting the evil within as good and normal but the promise is false. Those who choose to follow their double-minded reasoning (as we all sometimes do) follow their predilections into personal dysfunction. Putting trust in denial is putting trust in evil and the trap is set for Satan to claim ownership over misguided souls. He is a cruel slave-master and his slaves will receive intimate knowledge of torture and torment. Those who fall prey to his cunning end by becoming depraved human beings, good for nothing but burning.

Truth (in factual and divine living form) is what all people need to balance the instability within. We mustn’t deny that evil exists inside us, nor surrender to it. It can’t be covered with lies. The only way to overcome evil is with good and only, God is good. He is the only One able to rule over evil and work it to ultimate good. He sent down His goodness in the form of Jesus, His Son to deliver us from evil; most specifically, from the evil that dwells inside of everyone. Jesus is divine truth in living form and He is the cure for sin. It is in following Jesus and in mirroring His ways that believers learn to submit their inner evil to good, in the hope of a future realization of God’s ultimate good. This is the only way to avoid a future of ultimate evil and personal destruction. This faithful journey of hope begins with truthful acknowledgment of evil’s source and acceptance of a true covering of sinful acts that is only, the blood Jesus shed (the pure blood of a pure life lived) in order to purchase God’s forgiveness for us. This is Salvation, a graceful covering of our sinful nature that enables us to learn how to rule over the evil inside us with good, by trial and error. True faith in Jesus is the life-long, earthly struggle against personal sin; those who endure such hardship in an unceasing inner war and persevere in hopes of achieving full liberty from sin and death will realize the long-ago promised and hoped for Redemption. On that day, God’s children will shout in joyous liberty!