The Choice

Jesus loves everyone yet, so few ever think to truly love Him in return. Most refuse to believe that such a man existed as the Son of God and the Son of Man. The idea seems impossible so, they downsize Jesus into a form they can relate to and understand. Prophet, teacher, a myth, philosophical … More The Choice

Joyous Rest

Empowerment entwined in purple stems of lavender, growing on the east side of the old, grey wash house. Expertly cut and crushed to fill heart-shaped sachets’, then tucked beneath my pillow to assure restful dreams between lightly starched sheets sprinkled with rain-water. Moon beams filtered through sheer white Pricilla curtains, to guide my thoughts toward … More Joyous Rest

Joy on the Ragged Edge

Tired thoughts; scattered dust drifting in the air; Denied a refuge from life’s ragged edge; White knuckled in the now; possibilities nowhere! Time’s pounding beat battering sledge; Constant pain; relentless torturer doesn’t care! Relationship split by prideful wedge; Everyone’s looking for something! Life isn’t fair! Confusion leaves truth on sanity’s edge; Stress and exhaustion coupled; … More Joy on the Ragged Edge

Jesus Shepherds My Heart

Many things I hoped for; things I thought would be, And still longed for; settled deep into the sediment, On the bottom of my “River of Forgotten Dreams” . Days rolling, pounding youthful aspirations of glee, Into haunting memories; lost in regretful rudiment; Hazy days in deep flowing purple ambition streams; New rain! Emotions flood-rush! … More Jesus Shepherds My Heart

Dusty Joy

Every day believers are exposed to a plethora of information, an overwhelming amount of data to process. It is becoming harder to decipher truth from fiction and genuine faith from deception. Christianity is rapidly changing due to the internet and many who name Jesus aren’t known by Him. His name is used to disguise ideas … More Dusty Joy

Joy and the Black-Bird

Happily married forever and eternally it seemed; Duty bound to fidelity, too mature for temptation; Seeing the completion and death of all Joy dreamed, Joy lost herself in reverie, deep spirit contemplation, Denying her utter aloneness even when it screamed! Old women don’t need love that is mostly sensation! These things Joy told herself, this … More Joy and the Black-Bird