Benevolent Power

When the cotton flies on a summer day worries melt in the magic of rose bouquets presented by the Walking Stick Cactus. In the heat of sun and full life, time, age, and winter don’t matter. Swirling white cotton floating on the warm wind lifts my fanciful thoughts to go dancing in a summer-time blizzard. … More Benevolent Power


Vapors rise to form clouds and dreams. Most take flight to drift on a pleasant breeze, Then dissipate unremembered. The few give of themselves to the nurturing of green hills; Causing flowers to bloom in bursting color! While others grow, gather, rumble, and flash! Turning day to night under fear’s shadow; Destructive damaging force! Genesis … More Vapors

Twenty-Five Minutes

A lovely little stroll on the edge of consciousness… Fading out and then fading in… Gathering memories from dreams of Yester-lore… Reality blocked seeps back in… Blend time outside of time, a bit of Heaven’s rest… Slip away preparing to slip in… Twenty-five minutes of Paradise others call a nap!  

The Cost

I’m not a perfect Christian and I won’t pretend to be. In fact, there is nothing more anti-Christ in spirit than an exclusive, pretentious Christianity that upholds a false holiness. I sin less often than when I first believed but I still struggle with sin and I will continue in this battle with my sin … More The Cost

Eternal Spring

I wonder if I will ever be too old to notice the first day of spring… The first glint of butterfly wing or the special song new birds sing. Carpets of purple verbena woven with soft grass for hungry deer, Wonder of long gently warm days; far removed from winter fear. This season that comes … More Eternal Spring

Peace on Bended Knee

This hope I’m sending on the wings of faith, Is more than my day-dream of goodwill and peace… This is a promise; made so long ago for all willing to receive; Riding the wings of a dove; open up to faith! Be received; held securely, be filled, know peace… Blindness doesn’t characterize those of faith! … More Peace on Bended Knee

Be Lifted!

Father, lift me above the conflict of ideology: Religion, philosophy, politics; the confusion When cultures collide and beast-like biology Brings out the worst in us; human delusion; Organized in the ‘isms, schisms, psychology Of division; the back-biting hate transfusion; That limits You to our limited understanding. Father, lift me upward! Where Your eternal Values transcend … More Be Lifted!