While winter still lingers, In the reminder of icy Rocky Mountain peaks, White memory fingers, Warm to melt with acceptance, in truth leaks, Flow, new life bringers; Yesterday nourishes today; is dead but speaks! Into eternity, it lingers!   Past hold; pain let go in transformative tweaks; Learn to value blunders; Less painful repetitions, useful … More History

Season’s Romance

A rosy morning sunrise prances… (In a delicate sunbeam ballet) Upon snowy February branches… A frosty-day-sparkle-melt-away! Spring warmth on winter dances; Quick encounter a seasonal play! Yearly rendezvous brief romances… Warmth of life leads cold astray! Icy dissolve nurture life’s chances, Green rises to overthrow all gray! Glitter-to-glint magnifies enhances, Hope- for-spring-time-dream-day! Slow-waltz Winter’s Spring … More Season’s Romance

Joy on a January Day

A cold gloomy January day; Allow mind to meander, In spring-time garden play! Warm scent of lavender… Escape! Hated winter gray! Strain by mind colander, Dissociation my get-a-way! Denying white reminder, Flee from my January Day!   Faith enabling me to stay; Endure winter doom! Spirit warms me as I pray, Lifts away gray gloom! … More Joy on a January Day