The Art On joyindestructible

The images I use to illustrate my blog post are all works of artists long dead. They are iconic and published on the internet under the same collective commons copyright as the articles I create. I don’t claim any of them as my own and I don’t alter them in any way. I enjoy them and I am inspired by them. I hope my readers also, enjoy them.

I am open to displaying the work of artists who would like the chance to display their work by allowing me to use their images as illustration.

7 thoughts on “The Art On joyindestructible

  1. I Liked the name of your Blog: “joyindestructible”.
    That is named with a lot of thinking I suppose.
    The thought comes to those whose joy cannot be destructible.
    I now, welcome you to my Blog to receive my hospitality and the warmth.
    You may have certain thoughts to ponder.
    Lots of Love,

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    1. My joy in Jesus can’t be destroyed because it is of eternal quality. Whatever I must endure in this world that is set to destroy my joy, ends in increased joy because of the future hope I’ve received by faith. I will take you up on the invite.:0)

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