The Recluse Series

The following links will take you to each chapter of my series “The Recluse”. I attempt to post a new chapter each Saturday morning. Sometimes, life doesn’t always co-operate but I am doing my best to remain faithful to this schedule. I hope you enjoy this series as I take you into the world of a reclusive woman, revealing why she has chosen this existence, and her journey to reconnect with the outside world. As I write each chapter, I follow my character’s lead in telling this story and I am happy to invite you to join me in anticipation of what each of them will teach us about ourselves.

The Recluse (Part I)

The Recluse (Part II)

The Recluse (Part III)

The Recluse (Part IV)

The Recluse (Part V)

The Recluse (Part VI)

The Recluse (Part VII)

The Recluse (Part VIII)

The Recluse (Part VIIII)

The Recluse (Part X)

The Recluse (Part XI)

The Recluse (Part XII)